A green lawn is a happy lawn, but that might not be as easy to achieve on your Los Angeles property than you may think. A lot of important factors contribute to the health and lush appearance of neighborhood turf, and if you don't know what your lawn needs, you're going to be at a loss when it starts turning brown or patchy. So what keeps lawns green year-round, and how can you implement that on your own property?

The Scoop On Turf Around Los Angeles

If you think all lawns are made the same, then you're already on the wrong track to healthy lawn care. There are numerous different types of grass that are great for yard turf, and four in particular are especially great for Los Angeles:

  • Sand dune sedge – green, lush, and almost spindly, this turf grows happily in any soil type. Shade, heat, and drought tolerant, though it tends to grow in clumps rather than blanket cover, this is one of the lowest maintenance grasses.
  • Native California bentgrass – vibrant green and native to California, this is one of the most common turfs to find in Los Angeles neighborhoods. This soft blanket grass is also shade, heat, and drought tolerant, while also holding strong under foot traffic.
  • Buffalo grass – this soft grass is perfect for Los Angeles weather, and almost any weather while we're at it. It's drought, heat, and shade tolerant and thrives in a multitude of conditions, so it's perfect for a low maintenance lawn. The only downside is, it's not so great if you have a lot of foot traffic on your lawn.
  • Bermudagrass – another perfect low maintenance grass, this turf thrives in high heat conditions and is shade and drought tolerant. It grows beautifully on landscaping, and it tolerates high foot traffic with ease.

The Difficulties Of Lawn Care & DIY Methods

There are a few problems you might find yourself facing if you try your hand at DIY lawn care on your Los Angeles property. One of those problems happens to be the act of lawn care itself, as there are only three indicators that something may be wrong with your lawn; brown grass, yellow grass, and patchy spots.

If you have minimal knowledge about grass maintenance, you probably won't know how to address these problems, since there could be a multitude of reasons behind them:

  • Under-watering
  • Over-watering
  • Under-fertilization
  • Over-fertilization
  • Pest problems
  • Impacted soil

Another problem you'll face is time and money. Well-rounded lawn care takes a significant amount of time, not only in practice, but in research to understand what you're working with. As for cost, you'll need a lot of products and tools in order to properly maintain your lawn, and most of these necessary items such as fertilizer, aerating tools, seeds and seeders will only need to be used once or twice a year. That means these high-cost items will be sitting in your garage, taking up room and collecting dust for the majority of the year.

How To Take Lawn Care Seriously On Your Los Angeles Property

Maintaining a properly cared for home is time consuming enough, especially when work and family time is involved. Thankfully, lawn care doesn't have to be one of those time consuming activities. The benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company far outweigh the cost, and it allows you to spend all that extra time, money, and unnecessary stress on more important things in your life.

With HomeShield Pest Control, you don't just get a lawn care professional, you also get a pest control professional. Our lawn and pest experts are highly-trained in maintaining lawns and getting rid of pests, so we can guarantee your Los Angeles property will be looking lush and green all year round, with the added bonus of minimal lawn pests on your property. So get in contact with us today to start discussing your options.