Reliable Pest Control In Fort Pierce South, FL

The census-designated community of Fort Pierce South is a sprawling area that’s filled with community centers, good schools, and locally owned businesses. With the beach only miles away, Fort Pierce South is an ideal location for year-round residents who seek a primarily residential community but still wish to have Florida’s premier amenities within reach. Because of seasonal conditions, it might seem like pests are always an issue, which is why HomeShield Pest Control is here to help.

We provide homeowners and businesses with reliable St. Lucie County pest control, that we back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of the products and methods that we use are eco-friendly and geared towards creating lasting relief from all of your pest concerns. We provide pest-specific and ongoing support in order to alleviate all of your pest pressures no matter the time of year. For more information on our services, please call us today.

mother and child going over brochures with a homeshield technician

Residential Pest Control In Fort Pierce South

If you’re concerned about pest problems in your Fort Pierce South home, you don’t have to be. At HomeShield Pest Control, we work with homeowners to develop treatment plans that meet their exact needs. Since our inception over 10 years ago, it’s been our mission to create peace of mind, make our customers happy, and above all else, keep them safe. We’re able to continue making this a reality through the use of the safest products, which are also eco-friendly and guaranteed to work.

Our residential process begins with an inspection of your home, garage, yard, and perimeter, which allows us to gain a complete picture of how pests interact with your property and what’s attracting them. From there, we might sweep away cobwebs, fill up entry points, lay granular bait around flower beds and gardens, and even create a barrier against your neighbors’ pests. We care about your success, which is why we also offer a 100% pest-free guarantee on everything that we do. For more information on our residential pest control process, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Pierce South

At HomeShield Pest Control, we work around the clock to ensure that our Fort Pierce South commercial customers never have to worry about the consequences of pest problems again. We have been working with the local community since 2009 and remain dedicated to our mission of safe and complete pest control to this day.

When you first call us, we begin by assessing every aspect of your business property. This step allows our skilled technicians to gain a total understanding of the way that pests interact with your land and what the root cause of their presence is. At this point, we’ll go over our findings with you and devise a unique solution-oriented plan that we will be ready to implement immediately. We use only EcoSMART products because they are the only green insecticides that are 100% effective, and we opt for methods like exclusion when encountering rodents. In order to keep your property pest-free, we typically recommend an ongoing service schedule. For more information on our commercial pest control solutions, please call us today.

Tips To Avoid Mosquito Dangers In Fort Pierce South

Mosquitoes might seem harmless, but their bites are capable of spreading pathogens that lead to West Nile virus and numerous kinds of encephalitis, among other diseases. In order to avoid potentially hazardous mosquitoes, try these tips:

  • Keep your yard neat and tidy by mowing regularly, trimming back trees to expose more sunlight and reduce shade, and getting rid of yard clutter. 
  • If you have bird baths, pet bowls, and kiddie pools, be sure to turn over the water in them regularly. It’s also important to flush out any water that might have collected in grill covers and outdoor gear. 
  • Never wear perfume or use scented laundry detergent; instead, opt for unscented items. 
  • Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors during dusk and dawn. 
  • Try planting items like citronella, lavender, and marigolds around your property. 
  • When spending time outdoors use an EPA-approved product like lemon eucalyptus oil or picaridin. 

For more information on trusted mosquito control for your home, contact HomeShield Pest Control today. 

What To Do If You See A Mouse In Your Fort Pierce South Home

If you’re unlucky enough to spot a mouse in your Fort Pierce South home, then the best thing you can do is bring in professional help. When you see a mouse, there are usually many more living inside of your walls and these types of issues will not go away on their own. At HomeShield Pest Control, we are the experts when it comes to getting rid of mice while also implementing measures that will keep them away.

Our rodent control program is centered around the methods of exclusion, which are eco-friendly tools that draw out rodents and keep them from getting into your home in the future. We begin by performing a comprehensive inspection of your home in order to determine how mice have accessed it and what the root causes of your issues are. At this point, we will use rodent-proof materials like wire mesh and silicone-based caulk to fill points of entry. We also offer clean-up services and suggest routine monitoring. For more information on these services, please call us today.