Pest Control In Vero Lake Estates, FL

There is a lot to love about Vero Lake Estates, but people aren't the only ones to appreciate the benefits of coastal Florida. Pests are a common problem here for both homes and businesses, and it's important to find Indian River County pest control that you can trust to keep your property safe from the danger and destruction pests can bring. For effective and eco-friendly pest control in Vero Lake Estates, work with the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control.

tech helping person with child in lap look through HomeShield Pest Control services in a brochure in Vero Lake Estate, Florida

Residential Pest Control In Vero Lake Estates

At HomeShield Pest Control, our Vero Lake Estates residential pest control program prioritizes the safety and protection of local families through the use of the best eco-friendly pest control products and the following services.

  • Interior Inspection & Treatment: We will inspect your home for signs of pests, create an interior barrier to repel pests, and treat under sinks and other common entry and breeding areas.
  • Exterior Inspection & Treatment: We will locate entry points, harborage areas, and pest migration paths. Our service technicians will create a three-foot barrier around your entire home, remove spider webs, egg sacks, and wasp nests, and treat windows and doorways.
  • Garage Inspection & Treatment: Similar to our interior and exterior treatments, this is included in every initial service and repeated as needed moving forward.
  • Yard Inspection & Treatment: We will check for exterior harborage areas and infestations, remove webs, egg sacks, and wasp nests from play structures and sheds, treat cracks in driveways and sidewalks and around bushes and shrubs as well as granulate flower beds, and spot treat the yard up to 30 feet from the house.

We back our home pest control services with a 100% Service Guarantee. Call today to schedule an inspection and begin services to keep your Vero Lake Estates home pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control In Vero Lake Estates

There's no end to the list of things you need to stay on top of when you run a business in Vero Lake Estates. As easy as it can be to let pest control slide onto the back burner, it's far better to be proactive about commercial pest control. At HomeShield Pest Control, we can take pest control worry off your plate by providing quality, eco-friendly services at affordable rates.

As a part of our general commercial pest control services in Vero Lake Estates, our technician will remove spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests, treat the exterior foundation perimeter of your facility, granulate flower beds to discourage nesting, treat cracks in the sidewalk and areas around bushes and shrubs, treat doorways and window jambs, and treat inside infestations as needed.

Call today to learn more about our regular service plan and the specialty services we have available.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Vero Lake Estates Home

Bed bugs in Vero Lake Estates are problematic pests that spread quickly from one home or public place to another. Once bed bugs make it into your home, they can be almost impossible to eliminate without professional help.

Bed bugs are hardy pests that can survive for months without eating, weeks without water, and in a wide range of temperatures. They may not be able to jump or fly to get around, but they are highly mobile by catching rides on people's belongings as we travel from place to place.

You can take steps to minimize the chances of carrying bed bugs home with you by taking some precautions, such as:

  • Check hotel rooms for bed bugs before you settle in for the night.
  • Avoid putting your bags on the floor in public spaces.
  • When returning from a trip, wash and dry your clothes on the highest heat setting.
  • Vacuum out suitcases.
  • Check secondhand furniture and appliances for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

These steps can help prevent bed bugs in your home, but once they settle into your property, the best way to remove them is with help from a professional Vero Lake Estates bed bug control expert like HomeShield Pest Control.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Vero Lake Estates Yard

You've probably heard plenty of tips and tricks to keep Vero Lake Estates mosquitoes away from your yard. Most revolve around getting rid of standing water, minimizing flowering plants, and maintaining landscaping. You can also do things to lessen your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes, such as wearing light-colored clothing, long sleeves, and bug spray or avoiding going out during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

However, the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your Vero Lake Estates yard is with professional services from HomeShield Pest Control. Our mosquito control process includes reducing conducive conditions, eliminating breeding grounds, and using backpack foggers to treat shaded areas and the underside of leaves, bushes, and shrubs. This residual treatment provides effective results for weeks following treatment. During mosquito season, we return monthly to re-treat and keep mosquito populations down. Call today for a free quote and find out how affordable it could be to keep mosquitoes off your property.