Landscape Services: Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care

Along with our pest control services, HomeShield also offers tree, shrub, lawn care, and landscape services. This includes weed control.

If you are interested in having greener lawns and yards free of weeds, then HomeShield’s customizable service is what you’re looking for.  Give us a call today and we’ll work with you to make sure your property is not only bug and pest free, but also beautiful and green.

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Our Lawn Care, Tree, and Shrub Treatments


Maintaining a lush, green, rich looking lawn requires proper nutrition and care. Not every lawn is the same, and for this reason HomeShield develops a lawn care program specific to your lawn’s needs. Soil conditions, region, climate, and appropriate watering are factors that must be understood and managed correctly to achieve proper nutrition for your lawn.  A HomeShield service professional evaluates all of the appropriate factors and creates a lawn care program for your lawn that ensures your lawn is healthy, beautifully green, and pest free throughout all seasons of the year.


Proper nutrition is essential for all plants in your yard, including your trees. Healthy trees are more resistant to hardships like drought and disease. HomeShield’s tree nutrition service includes recurring applications of our tree nutrition supplements appropriate for your region, weather, and tree types. This allows consistent absorption of essential nutrients throughout the year and ensures beautiful and healthy trees. Your HomeShield service professional will develop a tree nutrition program specific to the trees on your property.


Like your lawn and trees, your shrubs can also benefit from an enhanced nutrition program. Providing optimal nutrition for your shrubs will result in shrubs with greater density and fullness, and greater beauty overall.


All plants need the same basic nutrients to grow, and this includes your flowers (annuals and perennials). HomeShield’s complete yard nutrition program will ensure safe delivery of nutrients that will not harm or “burn” your flowering plants. By spraying around the base of your flowering plants (and not on the petals or flowers themselves), we can ensure proper delivery of nutrients without damaging the flowers already in bloom. And this proper nutrition will result in even more beautiful flowers throughout the year.


As part of the above service, HomeShield will work with you to control the weeds on your property.  Weed control will help the overall look and feel of your lawn as well as protect the trees, flowers, and shrubs you work so hard to cultivate.

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