While pests like cockroaches and bed bugs may pose a threat, wildlife in the Sacramento region can also be extremely dangerous for homeowners – especially if they manage to make it into your home or they’re terrorizing your property.

Here’s what local residents in the Sacramento region should know about why wildlife control is important, what animal can be the most destructive, how you can prevent wildlife from getting into your attic, and why you should hire a professional for wildlife control service.

Why Do We Need Wildlife Control?

Nobody wants raccoons or possums skulking around their Sacramento property, but is it really necessary to contact a professional pest control company for wildlife control? Wildlife control from a professional is often necessary, and here’s why: 

  • These animals can be dangerous to handle: Perhaps the biggest reason for wildlife control is because many of these animals can be dangerous to handle, especially if you’re not wearing the right gear and don’t have professional training. Rather than put yourself at risk, a professional can safely remove wildlife from your property. 
  • There are legal restrictions to consider: You may not realize it, but many states, including California, have legal restrictions about where and how you transport and possess certain types of wildlife. Even removing an animal from your property could be illegal, depending on where you release it. 
  • You may require a permit: Besides the other legal restrictions, there are several types of wildlife that are protected in California and require a special permit to handle and transport. Obtaining a permit can take time that you don’t always have and become quite costly. 

Professional wildlife control provides a safe and legal way to keep your property free of dangerous and destructive pests.

a raccoon climbing the side of a house

What Animal Is The Most Destructive?

All sorts of wildlife can create issues on your property, but which animal is the most destructive? Most wildlife can be destructive, but raccoons can be especially troublesome for residents of the Sacramento region.

Raccoons may be drawn to your property by the scent of food and water, and once they arrive, their sloppy and destructive nature can make it difficult to get rid of them. Raccoons are curious animals, and if they’re motivated by food, they’re capable of ripping a hole directly in your wall, ripping apart air ducts, or tearing apart your outdoor trash cans.

While they can cause plenty of damage outside, raccoons can do even more destruction if they manage to make it inside your house. Even a single raccoon could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage.

How Can I Prevent Animals From Getting Into My Attic?

While most people don’t want wildlife hanging around their property, no homeowner wants to deal with these pests inside their house. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other wildlife have a reputation for getting inside attics, where they may try to reproduce and cause even more destruction.

Here are some handy tips to prevent animals and wildlife from getting into your attic: 

  • Make sure you trim back any low-hanging tree branches near your attic or home, which wildlife may use to access the upper levels of your home.
  • Avoid leaving windows or doors open, and replace any torn or ripped screens as soon as you notice them.
  • Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for openings, holes, or other gaps that animals may use to get inside your home or attic.
  • Patch any holes or openings in your roof, and install a chimney cap. 
  • Avoid leaving out food, water, or unsealed trash, which may attract rodents and other pests to your home.

These steps can be helpful in preventing wildlife from accessing your attic, but they are not enough to eliminate pests that have made their way inside.

Why Should I Hire A Professional For Wildlife Control Service?

If you’ve discovered a wildlife problem on your Sacramento property or inside your home, trying to handle it yourself may put your own health at risk – or even be illegal, depending on the type of animal. The safest and most effective solution for getting rid of wildlife in the Sacramento region is by contacting us at HomeShield Pest Control.

We’ve been serving the Sacramento region, Irvine, and surrounding areas in Southern California for years, and we’ve dealt with wildlife problems of every type and size. If you know or suspect a wildlife issue around your property, there’s no reason to wait – call us today at HomeShield Pest Control to learn more about how we can help.