Termite Control, Inspection, & Treatment Services

At HomeShield Pest Control, our top priority is keeping your home and/or business free from pest infestations, and that includes termites and other wood destroying organisms.  That’s why, as part of our regular pest control service, we also offer termite inspections and termite control treatment services.  Every year termites do billions of dollars of damage in the U.S. that is not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

In California, termites swarm during the spring.  However, they are a year-round threat.  If you see what appears to be flying ants (often winged termites) or mud tubes (literally tubes of mud) on your foundation or in the garage, there is a good chance you are dealing with termites and you should seek treatment options immediately.  This will give you the best chance to avoid termite damage or at least stop it before it gets worse.

The best way to keep these insects out of your structure is to:

  1. be vigilant for winged termites and mud tubes
  2. have annual inspections
  3. have an annual pest control plan or service that protects your home or business from infestation

Luckily, HomeShield can help!  We provide free annual termite inspections with our pest control service and also offer termite control treatment plans for homes or businesses already infested.  Call us today to control or protect against termite infestation.

Termite Control Treatment Areas

sacramento-region-map At HomeShield Pest Control, we offer termite control treatment and inspection services in all of the regions surrounding Sacramento, including:
El Dorado County

Placer County

Sacramento County

Solano County

Sutter County

Yolo County

Yuba County

Call us today to get started… Termite control and peace of mind is just a phone call away!


NEWS:  We have also recently expanded our services to include termite control and inspections in Orange County!