Located on the east shore of San Francisco Bay, Albany is known to be one of California's best places to live. Between the horse racing track known as the Golden Gates Field, the Albany Bulb, where you can admire outdoor sculptures and paintings year-round, and a wealth of art galleries, you would be hard-pressed to be bored.

However, you could probably do without the excitement of finding yourself with an unexpected pest infestation or having to deal with a recurring one several times a year. Unfortunately, Albany is home to many pests like bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, termites, and much more. While it is not unusual to have some of these unwanted invaders in your home at some point during the year, it is possible to get rid of them swiftly and long-term with the proper strategies.

To avoid the problems that come with infestations, including bacterial contamination and property damage, you will need to use prevention techniques that work with safe but effective treatments when required. To find out more, contact HomeShield Pest Control for pest control in Albany, that you can rely on year-round.

Residential Pest Control In Albany

Pests can cause severe issues in your Albany home. Some of the most concerning ones include the spread of pathogens and illnesses, which is especially common with mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes are known for carrying the West Nile virus and dengue fever, and ticks can transmit Lyme disease, tularemia, and more.

Furthermore, some pests like termites and certain types of ants can cause property damage, sometimes for years without being noticed, and could cost quite a bit to repair. And some, like bed bugs, can also lead to sleep deprivation, anxiety, and more.

Quality residential pest control can help keep you, your family, and your home safe and sound. After an initial visit or routine inspections, depending on your situation, our service professionals will determine how to eliminate your pest problem best and keep it from returning. We will offer various treatment options, which include child, pet, and eco-friendly ones. All our suggestions are based on a thorough discussion with you to understand your needs and expectations.

Give HomeShield Pest Control a call or fill out our form today to get a free quote, and let's get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Albany

There are many moving parts in running a successful business; one setback you don't want to encounter is a pest infestation. Pests can wreak havoc quickly, from contaminating or destroying inventory to spreading pathogens or even causing property damage. Relying on commercial pest control services can make all the difference. 

At HomeShield Pest Control, we want your staff and customers to feel safe. We strive to be environmentally conscious and are committed to offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. During our initial visit (our first line of defense), we will identify your pest infestations and treat them appropriately. We will also return for follow-up inspections whenever necessary for ongoing protection. Our strategies evolve with the seasons and the pests you are dealing with to eliminate them effectively. 

Reach out today, and your business will be safe and sound again, this time for good.

The Problem With Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control In Your Albany Home

The problem with DIY rodent control is that it often causes infestations to grow bigger instead of controlling them. It can happen for many reasons, including the following:

  • Rodents are adaptive: Some store-bought solutions, like traps, are rarely effective long-term as mice and rats learn to avoid them. It is also often impossible to have enough to control an entire infestation. We use professional traps that are known to work, in addition to rodent-proofing, exclusion services, and attic cleaning services when appropriate.
  • Rodents multiply quickly: A few rodents can become a full-blown infestation in a few months. When the issue becomes widespread, it can be much harder to control.
  • Rodents can be hard to locate: Rodents, tiny mice, can hide effectively behind walls and under appliances, making them challenging to reach and treat.
  • DIY treatment can be ineffective or unsafe: You must use rodent control products in specific ways and amounts. Misusing them can be dangerous and ineffective. 

For rodent pest control in Albany that works, call us today, and we will take care of your infestation. Trying to treat an infestation through trial and error will often cause it to grow bigger and harder to exterminate.

Albany Homeowners' Complete Guide To Spiders

There are many reasons why you might have spiders on your property. One of them is that spiders are common. Also, their presence can be encouraged because they can benefit the environment by eating unwanted bugs and helping certain plants thrive. However, if you don't feel comfortable having them in your home, you shouldn't have to tolerate them. 

While spiders are not usually dangerous, you will want to avoid the black widow and the brown recluse as they could cause painful bites, potentially leading to several concerning side effects. If you get bitten by a spider, seek medical help if symptoms do not improve quickly. While the black widow has a red hourglass shape under the abdomen and the brown recluse has a violin-shaped one on its cephalothorax, spiders can be hard to identify correctly. Our team of specialists can help.

To keep spiders out, you will need to eliminate entry points, ensure you do not have other pest infestations that could attract them, and fix moisture issues, among other things. It can take different strategies to get rid of different types of spiders, especially since some can be venomous. Reach out to us to schedule a visit with one of our service members, and we can recommend solutions tailored to your unique problem.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we want to make getting rid of pests as quick and easy as possible while keeping you safe. Give us a call, ask for a free quote, and we will be on our way to make your pest problems a thing of the past.