Premium Pest Control In Cupertino, CA

Cupertino is a Silicon Valley community that is at the heart of the technology industry. It’s also home to accessible parks, shops, globally inspired eateries, great schools, breweries, and an extensive bike path. Living or working in Cupertino means having very easy access to San Jose and the greater Bay Area, but it also means encountering pest problems.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we protect what matters most with premium pest control in Cupertino. As a locally owned business, we have been dedicated to increasing the quality of life of our community since our establishment. We aim to be professional, ethical, and responsible in every aspect of our work. When treating your home or place of business, we use 100% green products by EcoSMART, which are the only ones on the market that are proven to work. And all of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To request your free, no-obligation quote, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Cupertino

When pests show up at your Cupertino door, you may not know what to do. Instead of opting for DIY methods that may prove unsafe or ineffective, consider professional help from HomeShield Pest Control. We are the area’s trusted name in 100% green pest control that is proven effective. As a locally operated company, everything that we do is driven by our commitment to making our community a better place. We achieve this goal by staffing the most qualified and professional technicians and offering a helpful array of services.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing protection from pests or need assistance with something like mosquitoes or rodents, we can help. Each of our residential inspections includes checking out the full interior of your home as well as the perimeter, garage, and yard. From there, we’ll perform a series of treatments that may involve laying granular bait, eliminating wasp nests, and creating a barrier of protection. And with routine service, we can keep your home pest free throughout the year. For more information on our residential pest control services in Cupertino, please call us today.

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Commercial Pest Control In Cupertino

At HomeShield Pest Control, we can keep your Cupertino business free from pests with minimal interruption or disturbance. We are a locally owned business that specializes in discreet, custom-tailored service. The tenets of responsibility and accountability are key to everything that we do. When you partner with us for your pest control needs, you can anticipate that we will do everything in our ability to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Our services are all customizable, so we are able to treat all of your pest concerns, no matter your industry. And because we provide ongoing maintenance, we are also able to adapt your treatment plan at any time to meet your current concerns. Some of the pests that we provide coverage for include rodents, ants, centipedes, pest birds, and bed bugs. During our treatments, we use the only 100% green products that are proven effective. We also back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about the benefits of our commercial pest control services in Cupertino and receive your free quote, please call us today.

Why Are There Termites In My Walls In Cupertino?

Termites are pests that slowly eat away at the wood in Cupertino homes and businesses just like yours. Sometimes it takes years for termites to reveal themselves, which can leave you wondering why you have an infestation at all.

Here are a few of the reasons why you might end up with an infestation:

  • There was water damage that went unattended and then it attracted termites. 
  • The mulch around your foundation did not have at least a 20-inch barrier. 
  • Wood was not in good condition and needed to be treated or removed. 
  • Cracks and crevices existed in your foundation that allowed termites to enter. 
  • There were firewood piles that were within 25 feet of your property. 
  • Your property simply contains wood. 

No matter how termite populations happen to appear, the most effective way to get rid of them is with professional help from HomeShield Pest Control. To learn more about our termite control services in Cupertino, please call us today.

The Best Thing To Do About Bees On Your Cupertino Property

The bees that exist around your Cupertino property can be challenging to evict once they’ve already appeared. They can also be potentially harmful to your health and well-being, so the best way to address them is with assistance from HomeShield Pest Control.

We are a local company that is dedicated to responsibility, which is why we provide detailed services that utilize eco-friendly products and methods. When dealing with your bee concerns, we’ll perform a complete property inspection in order to customize your treatment approach. Some of our services may include hive removal and organic product application to keep bees from returning. We can either perform this as a one-time visit or on a recurring basis. And as always, it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information on bee control in Cupertino, call us today.