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Many homeowner’s pay for attic cleanings without realizing one of the main hazards of an infestation is the likelihood that rodents will return. And one of the primary reasons they return is the insulation in your attic.

the tube that the insulation sprays out of on an attic floor

The Importance Of Attic Insulation

If your home has suffered from a rodent infestation, it is likely that sections of your attic insulation are contaminated with rodent droppings (feces and urine). This is important because rodent brains—especially those of rats—are hardwired to recognize and be attracted to the scent created by feces and urine. Their sense of smell is so strong that they can actually understand the dimensions of your attic and even mark entries and exits with their urine.

If rodent droppings and residues are not fully removed from your attic, new rodents, with their intensely acute olfactory abilities, could smell the odors left behind and try to create new openings into your house. This is why rodent control is crucial for protecting your attic, and your home.

Replacing Attic Insulation

Submitting your attic to a thorough attic cleaning that includes insulation inspection, removal, and replacement is one of the best ways to ensure rodents never come back. A thorough inspection by a professional will identify the entry and exit points rodents are using to navigate your attic, as well as all of the areas that have been contaminated. Once those areas are identified and removed, new insulation can be installed, ensuring proper protection against the elements and the rodents.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide attic insulation services. Our goal is to identify and eliminate all factors that could result in additional infestations, ensuring the safety and protection of those within the walls of your home.

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If you are dealing with a rodent or rat infestation, or think you may be, give us a call and we will help you identify the size and severity of the infestation. We will also give you a recommendation on the best way to eliminate the infestation and make sure rodents never return.

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