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The Best Way To Protect Your Los Angeles County Business From Pests


If you own a commercial building, chances are you need pest control. At HomeShield Pest Control, we are experienced at providing pest control for commercial properties.

We provide pest control for the following types of properties: 

  • Car dealerships 

  • Churches, synagogues, and temples 

  • Daycare centers 

  • Department stores 

  • Funeral homes 

  • Malls 

  • Medical and dental offices 

  • Manufacturing facilities 

  • Pharmacies 

  • Professional office buildings 

  • Property management businesses 

  • Retail stores 

  • Shopping centers 

  • Storage facilities 

  • Warehouses 

  • And more!

The Types Of Pests In Commercial Properties

At HomeShield Pest Control, we see the types of pests that are common in commercial buildings. These run the gamut from ants, cockroaches, termites, and rodents. They can damage your property while they upset your employees and customers. For example, ants can get into food in the building, including in kitchens, vending machines, and people’s desks. Cockroaches can do the same. Termites can damage the structural integrity of a building. So can carpenter ants. Rodents can eat your warehouse’s contents, especially if you store food. You can do inventory one day and find your materials either damaged or destroyed.

Damage To Reputation, Sanitation, And Morale

The physical damage pests do is not the only problem. If you have pests, your reputation can take a big hit. Nobody wants to shop in a mall with bugs in it. If there are rats in your food court, nobody will eat there. Although pests cause sanitation problems, those can be cleaned up. The hit to your reputation will take a lot longer to fade and may even cause your business to close. The morale of your employees will suffer, too. People do not want to continue working in a building with pest problems. Taken together, pests can cost you a lot of money, time, and aggravation.

Pest Control VS. Infestation

Commercial pest control may seem expensive, but it is much cheaper to prevent pests than it is to have them exterminated. After you add in the abandonment of customers, employees, and having to rehabilitate a ruined reputation, it becomes even more expensive. Of course, if code compliance comes out and discovers the problem, you could be out even more money in fines. In certain circumstances, the health department may fine you or shut you down.

Pest Control Vs. Infestation

HomeShield Pest Control provides preventive control for pests. If you already have a problem, we can get rid of that for you at the same time. When you contact us, we will send out a trained technician to thoroughly inspect the outside and inside of your building. The technician will document where they find pests, what kinds of pests, and what needs to be done to get rid of them. In addition, the technician will also document harborage areas, potential entry points, and nesting sites. The technician will then develop a customized plan to treat each pest, using EcoSHIELD products that are less toxic to people and pets, but not less toxic to pests. 

About a month after the initial treatment, your technician will return and again inspect the building and treat it for whatever pests are present, as well as prevent any new pests from coming in. Our pest treatments vary by the seasons and changing pest movements, so you don’t have to worry about new pests coming in because of the weather. 

At each treatment, the technician will notify the business manager they are on site. When they finish, the technician will leave a receipt detailing exactly what pests were present and what treatments were applied. The manager will always be up to date about the pest situation in the building. If any pests are found between visits, we will come out, for no additional cost, and treat them again. We guarantee our work 100%. Contact HomeShield Pest Control today and relieve the stress of pests in your building.