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The Key To Effective Black Widow Spider Control In The Sacramento Region


For several reasons, it’s hard figuring out how to keep pests away. One is that most species have multiple subgroups, and they can’t all be handled the same way. A lot of people think that there aren’t major differences between classes; this is a huge misconception. The size, shape, and color variations are vast. It isn’t limited to appearance either; it can apply to behavioral patterns, habitat, lifespan, diet, and more. This is true for spiders.

Spiders understandably frighten people because they have weird looks, a plethora of eyes, and fangs to inject venom into prey. However, some are arguably harmless. Black widows are on the lethal end; many medical professionals consider them to be the most dangerous bugs on the planet. Unfortunately, they are quite common in the Sacramento region. Learn what you can do to prevent them and howHomeShield Pest Control can be of assistance.

How Do Black Widow Spiders Operate? What Are The Risks?

While black widow spiders are typically 0.12 to 0.39 of an inch long, the females can grow to be 0.51 of an inch. Another unique feature they have is a red abdominal mark that has the shape of an hourglass. As their name points out, these arachnids are black. Their skin is exceptionally lustrous.

Black widow spiders prefer to be outdoors among organic matter. Woody and grassy areas, like forests and fields, are rife with them. It won’t be until their food supply is lacking or the weather is uncomfortable for them to target domiciles and establishments. They will creep through openings in foundations, windows, and doors to find a dark and low-traffic spot. For example, a garage, basement, or closet. Black widows don’t wish to be disturbed. Since they eat other critters, such as grasshoppers, flies, and ants, their presence strongly suggests a general pest issue.

If you ever see a black widow spider, you have an infestation. You’re liable to catch them around furniture or in firewood. An invasion is also confirmed by finding messy webs near the ground or floor in sheltered spaces. These bugs bite when threatened; red welts will surface and skin inflammation will occur.

Seek medical attention right away, especially if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever

  • Nausea

  • Skin swelling or lesions

  • Tremors

  • Muscle and body pain 

  • Increased blood pressure and/or heart rate 

  • Breathing difficulties 

  • Exposure to neurotoxins   

  • Nervous system complications or failure

Children and seniors tend to have severe reactions after a black widow bite. The same is expected for those with conditions related to the heart or immune system.

How Can Black Widow Spiders Be Prevented?

To deter black widows and other spiders, perform these tasks:

  • Seal gaps in windows, doors, and foundations.

  • Repair leaks and moisture breakdowns immediately.

  • Regulate interior warmth with a dehumidifier.

  • Reduce clutter to avoid providing spiders with hiding places.

  • Plant greenery and stack firewood and logs two feet away from the property.

  • Before bringing outdoor furniture, storage items, and wood inside, look it over.

  • Get rid of webs you locate.

  • Contact HomeShield Pest Control if you have any critters spiders feed on.

What Can HomeShield Pest Control Do About Black Widow Spiders?

Commercial pesticides are often expensive and function in extremes. Either they are too weak to end a spider’s take over, or they’re toxic enough to impact people, domestic animals, and vegetation. You’ll need an affordable and thorough solution that is safe for your property. We at HomeShield Pest Control have the answers. Our expert technicians will find nests and susceptibilities and address them with eco-friendly spider control treatments. Guarantees are attached, and recurring visits are available. We also provide pest control for your Sacramento business. Guard yourself! Call us today!