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Commercial Pest Control For Your Business In The Sacramento Region


Pest control in Sacramento isn’t just for residential homes. While many people associate pest problems with houses or apartments, pests can become a significant problem for almost any business or commercial property. In fact, in some cases, pests can be an even worse issue for businesses because the stakes are immense. Having a pest problem can hurt the reputation of your business and even damage products. This is why it’s vital to obtain pest control in Sacramento for your business, and here’s what you need to know.

The Pests That Invade Sacramento Region Businesses

Almost any prevalent pest in the area can become a problem for homes and businesses, but specific pest infestations are more frequent and likely. Also, some pest species in Sacramento are more likely to invade particular properties. For example, bed bugs are found in apartments and office buildings, while cockroaches and rodents can be found in places where food is made or served. Then, there are pest species in Sacramento like pantry pests that lay their eggs in food made at factories.

All The Ways Pest Can Damage A Sacramento Region Business

Many of the most prominent pests around are also dangerous and destructive. Rodents and cockroaches are some of the most harmful to human health, and they are both often found in restaurants, factories, and more. Like mice and rats, rodents will often get into any building they can find as they are very adaptable. 

Here are some of the specific concerns you should be worried about when it comes to pest issues:

  • Cockroaches, rodents, and some ants can spread many diseases like salmonella, rat-bite fever, and dysentery. Many pests can also lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  • Rodents can damage property and products as they will chew through almost anything.
  • Bed bugs are invasive and can lead to anemia in rare cases.
  • Any pest infestation can harm the reputation of your business.
  • Pest problems can put the health of your employees and customers at risk, which could even lead to lawsuits. 

Pest Prevention Tips For Sacramento Region Businesses

Because pests can be dangerous and destructive, it’s a good idea to take time to prevent them. These are some of the most effective ways to deter pests from coming around your company:

  • Keep things as clean as possible according to the standards set out for your industry.
  • Make it more difficult for pests to get inside by sealing up holes in the walls and foundation. You can use products such as caulk or foam insulation. 
  • Keep doors and windows closed so that pests can’t get in.
  • Address humidity problems by fixing any leaking plumbing. You should also take care to remove any standing water from the property.
  • Reach out to commercial pest control experts.

How To Make Sure Pests Stay Away From Your Sacramento Region Business

While there are some things you can do on your own to prevent pests, the most effective and easiest way to get comprehensive commercial pest control is with HomeShield Pest Control. We provide service plans that address pests throughout the year, so you don’t end up losing precious time and money dealing with difficult pest species.

Find out more about how to get started and request an inspection by contacting us today.