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Are You Struggling With Gophers In San Diego County?


Certain types of rodents are pests that are destructive forces in exterior lawn and garden areas in California. Common examples include gophers, moles, and voles. Gophers are strong and stout rodents that usually weigh approximately one pound. Gophers remain active year-round and have brownish fur, pink feet, hairless tails, and protruding teeth.

Gophers have legs equipped with claws that allow them to tunnel through the soil below. They are vegetarians that eat roots and various types of plants. Gophers have cheek “pouches or pockets” that can hold food and materials for constructing nests within their system of tunnels.

San Diego County Pest Control

Having services performed by a professional gopher controller is the best way of eliminating gophers and other similar pests. These professionals have the proper gopher control products and have been trained in the latest gopher control methods. Avoid the various mass-marketed products and fabled home remedies for gopher control that are typically ineffective. 

Do You Have Gophers In Your Yard?

Gophers usually prefer areas with sandy, loose soil that is easier to burrow through. Signs of gopher activity include mounds of crescent-like dirt and entry holes that are often sealed or plugged. In many cases, the underground tunnels are vast, making it challenging to determine exactly where the rodent is located. 

What Attracts Gophers To Your Yard?

Gophers will usually target open spaces, including healthy lawns around San Diego homes, parks, and fields. As with most pests, gophers are attracted to areas where sufficient sources of food exist; therefore, areas with healthy vegetation are preferable.  

Can Gophers Cause Irreparable Damage To Your Lawn?

Gophers can quickly cause significant damage that creates an unappealing yard appearance that can be costly to repair. They also will damage flowers, trees, and gardens of fruits or vegetables. Gophers may carry dangerous parasites, including fleas and ticks, that pose health risks to humans and pets. In some cases, gophers will erode areas near structures that can cause damage and may destroy underground cables, wirings, and pipes. 

What Is The Best Way To Keep Gophers Away?     

Some of the best practices for limiting the presence of gophers include: 

  • Install underground mesh-style fencing to prevent access to plants. 
  • Install a layer of mesh four to six inches below the soil if planting a new lawn.
  • Keep lawns and vegetation properly trimmed and remove any piles of debris that may create hiding spots.
  • Some plants that may repel gophers include rosemary, lavender, and marigolds.

Some property owners attempt to take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself products or trying home remedies for gopher control that are potentially harmful and unlikely to generate long-term results. Many of these options, including baiting stations, traps, and granular formulas, are marketed using exaggerated claims of being a “simple and easy” solution. In reality, some of these products may be ineffective against more advanced infestations and could contain harsh chemicals. 

When you contact the team of experts with HomeShield Pest Control, we will deploy a licensed specialist that will conduct a meticulous inspection of the property to gauge the nature and extent of the problem. After accounting for any circumstances and conditions that pose unique challenges, our professional will explain the best treatment options. 

Local Experts In Professional Gopher Control 

The specialists with HomeShield Pest Control now have many of the latest pest control products and knowledge regarding effective gopher control methods. In addition to gophers, our experienced pest technicians in San Diego can perform a comprehensive variety of different services for ousting ants, bed bugs, termites, and a host of problematic pests that could pose health risks. Promptly taking action to eradicate pest intrusions by speaking with a local exterminator is critical because these problems can quickly worsen. 

Contact us today for an estimate. Keep in mind that we stand behind the results of our work performance with a customer satisfaction guarantee.