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The Struggle With Pesky Pigeons In San Diego County


Pigeons are arguably one of the most problematic birds around. They are often even referred to as rodents of the sky because of their invasive nature, the number of diseases they spread, and the damage they can cause to local properties. If you are looking for pest control in San Diego County that includes pigeon control,here are some things to consider. 

Why Pigeons Prefer To Nest On Roofs

When you think about pigeon control, one of the things that can be difficult is combatting pigeons on the roof. Because they fly and perch on top of buildings, under eaves, and in other hard-to-reach areas, controlling pigeon populations can be especially challenging. 

As hard as they might be to control, pigeons are well suited to invading local homes and businesses. Living in close proximity to people provides them with easy access to food and shelter. Bird feeders, open trash cans, compost piles, and even well-watered lawns provide pigeons with a buffet of available food. And our homes often provide just as ready a source of water and secure places to nest.

Using Bird Spikes For Pigeon Control

One of the most common and inexpensive pigeon control devices is bird spikes. These strips of spikes are glued onto the exterior of buildings to exclude pigeons and other pest birds. Because birds cannot land on the pointed end of the spikes, they must keep moving and often seek out less problematic properties. 

Bird spikes come in a variety of shapes and materials and work well for small areas. Depending on your needs, you can find different models of this product, but generally, it does not work as well for larger areas. 

Using Bird Netting For Pigeon Control

Another way to control pigeons is through the use of bird netting. This method is better suited to large areas and can prevent birds from accessing certain places. It can protect your buildings from damage as well as your crops and is considered a humane method of pigeon control. Bird nets simply encourage birds to nest and roost elsewhere. 

Since birds look for flat surfaces to land on, netting can eliminate opportunities for birds to settle on your property. They are also effective against most bird species (including pigeons), environmentally safe, and can last up to 15 years.

Bird Control Deterrent Services in San Diego County

Don't worry if you are not in the mood to climb onto your rooftop to install nets or spikes; HomeShield Pest Control provides a variety of options for pest control for pigeons. 

Pigeon leave behind feces that contain fungus spores and other pathogens that can make us ill, they damage building exteriors as well as vents, fans, and air conditioners, and they can even introduce fleas and ticks to our property. It's important to invest in quality pigeon infestation control to not only remove these pest birds but also prevent them from returning. 

HomeShield Pest Control has a variety of options for providing humane bird control that include exclusion services for both commercial and residential clients in San Diego County and the surrounding areas. We can control pest birds on your property, provide exclusion services to prevent them from returning, as well as carry out trapping and clean-up services. Our professional and courteous technicians are happy to take care of any concerns you have with pest birds on your property. Call today to find out more or to request a quote for our bird control services and get a permanent solution to pest birds on your San Diego County property.