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Don't Ignore An Ant Problem In Vero Beach!


Florida is home to several types of ant species, which include the carpenter ant, fire ant, Pharaoh ant, twig ant, and white-footed ant. While some of these species cause more harm than others, all ants have the potential to cause problems in your home. If you have an ant problem at your home, you need the help of the experienced and knowledgeable Vero Beach pest control specialists at HomeShield Pest Control. 

How To Identify An Ant Infestation In Your Home

If you see a lot of ants in your home, you obviously have an ant infestation. But ants have impressive hiding abilities that allow them to stay out of sight, so you might not even know you have a problem. Luckily, whether you physically see ants in your house or not, there are a few surefire ways to tell if you have an ant infestation. 

Signs that your home is infested with ants include:

  • Damage to your home: Carpenter ants can be just as destructive as termites. They can cause structural damage to your home and other wooden buildings.
  • Ant mounds: Many ant species, including fire ants, create large dirt mounds on the ground. They create these mounds by digging into the ground and pushing the dirt into a large cone-shaped mound. If you see one or more of these mounds around your home, your yard has an ant infestation.
  • Damaged wood: Carpenter ants not only destroy the wood in your home, but they will also go after the wood that is found in your yard. If you notice holes in your wooden fences, trees, or other structures, you should inspect the area to see if carpenter ants are responsible.

Ants like to operate under the radar of any humans or animals that may be around. If they are active in a common area, they will do their best to keep a low profile. If you do see ants in your home, you are more likely to find them walking along the baseboards or under the cabinets to stay out of sight.

It Can Be Dangerous To Have Ants In Your Home

Many people think of ants as nothing more than annoying tiny insects. And while these small creatures can be a nuisance, it can also be exceptionally dangerous to let any species of ant run amok in your home. Here is a look at some of the harm that ants can cause to you and your house:

  • They can spread illnesses to you and your family. Ants spend a lot of their time rummaging through trash cans and crawling over other unsavory objects, such as dead carcasses. Because of their unhygienic nature, ants have been known to spread a wide range of diseases and viruses to humans, which include E. coli and streptococcus infections, salmonellosis, and clostridium infections. 
  • They can cause allergic reactions. Ants can bite you if they feel threatened; however, the fire ant and carpenter ant can actually sting you. When you get stung by an ant, the ant releases a venom that causes painful burning and itching. Some people are highly allergic to this venom and can have severe allergic reactions that require medical attention.
  • They can cause structural damage to your home. As carpenter ants like to consume wood, they have been known to cause excessive damage to the structural integrity of many wooden buildings, including homes and outdoor storage buildings. 

Even though ants are small, these tiny insects can cause a lot of problems in a short amount of time. If you discover an ant infestation, contact HomeShield Pest Control for effective ant control services.

What Will Happen If I Ignore An Ant Infestation?

Ants don't just go away on their own. As long as they have access to food and water, an ant will stay in your home indefinitely. And some female ants can lay up to 800 eggs in a single day. This means that just a couple of ants can turn into a massive infestation in a short amount of time. The more ants that you have in your home, the harder they are to get rid of.

The Key To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home For Good

In order to get rid of ants and keep them from coming back into your Vero Beach home, you need the help of the pest control experts at HomeShield Pest Control. If you see any ants in or around your home, do not hesitate to contact us today. We have years of experience dealing with a wide range of ant species. We know exactly what it takes to eliminate them from your home quickly and efficiently.