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Ridding Your Orange County Home Of Dangerous Roaches


The sight of a cockroach skittering across the floor is enough to make anyone's skin crawl. Now imagine an infestation of cockroaches living in your home. It's a disturbing reality for many living in Orange County, but it doesn't have to be.

As leaders in pest control in Orange County, our team at HomeShield Pest Control has seen homeowners struggle against cockroaches, but we're here to help. We've outlined important cockroach prevention tips to help keep your home pest-free. And if you're currently struggling to oust cockroaches, call on HomeShield Pest Control right away

Sure Signs You Have A Roach Problem

One of the key characteristics of cockroaches is a love of dark, damp habitats. In your home, you're more likely to find nests in places that provide ample shelter and water, such as basements or under sinks. Discovering a strong, musty smell, egg sacs, or cockroach droppings in your home are all clues you might find before spotting a roach.

If you spot any of these signs, you need professional pest control treatments to get the cockroaches out of your home. HomeShield Pest Control technicians will identify the harborage spots throughout your home and apply eco-friendly and people-safe products to eliminate these pests in all stages of development. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection!

How Roaches Spread Around Dangerous Pathogens

Cockroaches in Orange County are scavengers searching for food, water, and a protective habitat. This search brings them into contact with a wide range of pathogens that are harmless to the roaches but can easily make humans ill. Roaches contaminate everything they touch through physical contact as well as their waste.

You can't always tell when something has been contaminated just by looking at it, which is why you should call HomeShield Pest Solutions as soon as you suspect you have a cockroach problem. We customize our treatments to your needs, so you'll get the best treatment for you and your property. Call us for a free quote!

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Home

Roaches are notoriously durable pests capable of thriving in harsh conditions. They also reproduce quickly and in large numbers. That's why the best treatments target an entire infestation at once, but few consumer products can do so effectively. 

You can find plenty of roach control methods online, but without professional cockroach control tools and expertise, these will always fall short of eliminating an entire infestation. HomeShield Pest Control treatments see our technicians making multiple visits to ensure the quality of their work. We're so confident that we'll end your infestation problems that we provide free treatments should pests return between scheduled visits.

Tips To Prevent Roaches From Coming Back

It's not like roaches randomly choose which homes to invade and take over; certain factors attract them. Knowing how to deter cockroaches is a significant step in preventing future infestations. Here's how to keep cockroaches away with simple methods:

  • Keep all of your food in properly closed containers
  • Make sure to seal your trash cans (indoors and outside) when not in use
  • Repair leaks around your home to eliminate potential water sources
  • Keep your floors and countertops clean, especially in your kitchen
  • Regularly clean your drains
  • Install door sweeps and seal gaps around your doors and windows
  • Declutter your bathroom

Since 2009, HomeShield Pest Control has helped countless Orange County residents reclaim their homes from invasive pests like cockroaches. Our mission to serve our community with the safest products and efficient treatment programs has built our reputation as a customer-first business. Call us today to learn more about how our team can help keep your home safe from pests.