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The Secret To Effective Rat Control In Orange County


Rats are incredibly intelligent, family-oriented, and hard-working critters. They are also walking Petri dishes of disease and reckless destroyers of property. While domesticated rats can make great pets for some folks, untamed pest rats are a nightmare for home and business owners. So, if you want to prevent these clever rodents from getting out of control, you need to know about effective rat control in Orange County.

What To Know About Rats

Ratshave evolved to depend on humans for food, shelter, and their overall way of life. Rats can grow 12 inches or more in length, with a scaly tail that measures up to 9 inches or longer, though size varies from species to species. Unlike mice, rats have large square heads and large paws relative to the size of their bodies.

Rats tend to be nocturnal and thrive in a variety of habitats. Some rats will construct their nests in dense vegetation and can be found residing around the perimeter of buildings. Others will make their homes in attics, eaves, and roofs of homes and businesses. You’re likely to encounter rats in sewers, garbage dumpsters, warehouses, storerooms, or anywhere with available food and water for them to take.

How To Deal With Rats

The safest, most effective way to deal with rats is to get help from the experts at HomeShield Pest Control.We specialize in dealing with rats and other problematic rodents that threaten your property in Orange County. With our rodent exclusion and proofing services and attic cleaning services, you can depend on us for the most comprehensive rat control for your money. Be sure to contact us at the first sign of rat trouble on your property.

Ways To Prevent Rats

Rats can be difficult to get rid of without professional assistance, but preventing rats is piece of cake. You can protect your property from rats by:

  • Sealing entrances: Most rats can squeeze through a hole that’s just 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Examine the exterior of your home or business for cracks, gaps, and openings accessible to rats. Repair damage by stuffing holes with steel wool or covering openings with metal lathe or a solid metal plate.

  • Upgrading trash receptacles: With their powerful teeth, rats can easily chew through plastic garbage bins. Try switching to metal bins with tight-fitting lids to keep rats from munching on your trash.

  • Protecting your pantry: Similar to your trash bins, protect the foods in your kitchen storeroom by keeping them in sturdy glass, metal, or ceramic containers.

  • Reducing moisture: Rats need water to live just like everything else. Make sure there is no excess moisture attracting pests on your property by fixing leaky spigots, pipes, and faucets. Clear drains and gutters to ensure there are no blockages causing excess saturation.

For all your rat control needs in the Orange County region, get in touch with the experts at HomeShield Pest Control.