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A Comprehensive Approach To Spider Control In Los Angeles County

February 03, 2024

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Whether you are one of the millions of people in the world who suffer from arachnophobia or you are the type of person who finds spiders to be interesting creatures, seeing them in your home should be a cause for concern. There are many spiders in this area that are not considered to be dangerous. However, their presence in your home could signify a problem somewhere in your house that needs your immediate attention. 

Our professional spider exterminators at HomeShield Pest Control have dealt with every type of spider commonly found in Los Angeles County. We know how to find out how and why spiders are getting into your home, and we know how to help you eliminate the factors that are attracting these creepy arachnids to your property.

wolf spider on carpet

Types Of Spiders: A Guide To The Most Common Species

You can find spiders of all shapes and sizes in Los Angeles County. When it comes to spiders, you can’t judge them by appearance alone. Some spiders have an intimidating appearance but are timid and harmless when around people and pets. The most common species our spider removal experts find in and around homes in this area include:

  • Wolf spider: These siders can measure anywhere from 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. They have thick bodies and legs covered in tiny, thin hairs and are usually a combination of dark brown and tan. 

  • Cellar Spider: This spider has a thin, oval-shaped body that typically measures about 1/4 of an inch. Each of their long and thin legs can measure over 1 inch long. 

  • Black widow spider: This spider’s most distinguishing feature is the red marking under its abdomen that is in the shape of an hourglass. They also have shiny, black bodies, thin legs, and a large, round abdomen. 

  • Brown recluse spider: These dangerous spiders usually measure about 1/2 inch long and have tan or brown bodies. They also have a dark marking in the shape of a violin near their head.. 

The spiders on this list are not social creatures and usually prefer to live alone. If you see several spiders in your home, you should have a spider removal expert inspect your house to find out why. 

Why Spiders Invade Homes

Spiders can come into your home if they are looking for food, water, or a safe place to take shelter. Most spiders in this area have small, flexible bodies that can easily fit through small crevices only a few millimeters wide. Some spiders may even be able to fit through openings that are about the same size as a grain of rice. 

Because it can be difficult for the average homeowner to find every gap and small crack around their home, the recommendation is to have your home thoroughly inspected by a spider control technician if you are finding several spiders around it. 

To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your Home

Most spiders are carnivores that like to eat a variety of insects and small animals, including other spiders. They also like dark and damp places where they can hide and sleep during the day. If your house has a moisture problem or an insect infestation, it could be the reason why you are suddenly seeing spiders in your home. 

A local spider control expert can inspect your home and determine what specific factors attract spiders to your property. 

Why Professional Pest Control Is The Best Spider Control

Some of the spiders in this area can be dangerous. To help keep you out of harm’s way, you should always have a professional spider exterminator handle your spider problems.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we know how to eliminate all Los Angeles County spiders from your home. Give us a call today to see how we can help you. 

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