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Are Mosquitoes In Los Angeles County Resistant To Treatment?

September 09, 2022

Generally speaking, insects and creatures won’t go without a fight. It’s hard to eliminate them for several reasons. Most species congregate in spots that are challenging to access. Sometimes, you won’t find their centers at all. Their populations can be so large and widespread that managing them will seem impossible. 

Even if locating creepy crawlers was more straightforward, you’ll have complications choosing the right treatment. Many species have different levels of resistance to various treatments. This is why pest control in Los Angeles County should be left up to professionals; they’ll know which path to take. You really should rely on experts for invasions by mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes in Los Angeles County and around the United States bite humans and animals to drink their blood. Thus, they can spread disease. Learn now about effective ways to repel mosquitoes and how HomeShield Pest Control can intervene.

mosquito biting skin

Mosquitoes In Los Angeles County: What You Should Know

On average, mosquitoes in California are 3/25 to 7/20 of an inch long. They have many scales on their wings; the same goes for their bodies. Two traits they’re known for are a whopping proboscis and fine legs. 

The moment you repeatedly see mosquitoes or bites on your skin, it’s confirmation of an infestation on your property. Sightings will probably occur by plants and sitting pools. These pests feed on nectar and water. The latter is sustaining for larvae, which require the organisms. Regarding mosquito bumps, they emerge because humans have an allergy to the insect’s saliva. Only females will be after you because blood is a part of the egg production process. 

Mosquitoes in California use structural gaps to get indoors. They’ll utilize open windows and doors too. When they’re ready to land, they’ll do so in dark and moist, low-traffic places. You might discover them in laundry rooms and basements, among others.

Diseases you can get from mosquitoes include the following:

  • Zika virus 
  • Malaria
  • Chikungunya 
  • Dengue 
  • West Nile virus
  • Yellow Fever

You’ll be at risk for one of these conditions if the mosquito that bites you has taken blood from an infected being. Be on the lookout for symptoms like fever, liver malfunction, joint pain, rashes, and sweating. 

Three Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

Home remedies for mosquitoes usually have to do with water-based sprays. Natural ingredients like lemon eucalyptus or cinnamon oil may be mixed in. While it’s said such combinations can urge mosquitoes away, it won’t be for the long haul or hinder an infestation. Consider these three options instead:      

  1. Clip grass and greenery regularly, and remove pools of standing water. Wipe organic debris from gutters and vents.     
  2. Put out mosquito traps, but clean them out frequently. 
  3. Use candles that have essential oils. 

Using these helpful tips can aid in the prevention of mosquitos around your property, but when all else fails, it is time to bring in the help of a professional.

FAQ: Spraying for Mosquitoes In Los Angeles County

Pesticides are more robust than home remedies but aren’t suitable for extensive issues. They’re to be used briefly for mild or isolated problems. Most shelf goods have strong chemicals, so they should be utilized sparingly. Humans and domestic animals may become sick or endure critical side effects if there’s exposure. Products may have perplexing instructions as well, giving way to accidental misuse.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With HomeShield Pest Control

Given all of the aforementioned details, it’s clear that a professional touch is needed for mosquitoes. Trust us at HomeShield Pest Control. Our safe industrial-grade treatments consist of backpack foggers and residual applications that will inhibit mosquito development. These bugs won’t be resistant to our offerings. You can get a free quote when you call us today!

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