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Bed Bugs In San Diego Could Be Resistant To Pest Control Efforts

August 28, 2022

Go to any San Diego home today, and there's a good chance you could find a bed bug. They make themselves known in the most annoying of ways and are frustratingly effective at hiding. A bed bug bite is not only itchy but can also cause skin irritation. 

Unfortunately, they can cause mental and emotional problems among homeowners due to their fast reproduction rate. Don't give them a chance to terrorize you and your family. Call pest control in San Diego County as soon as you see one.

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Why Bed Bugs Are Probably Here To Stay

Even with the best pest control efforts, it's hard to get rid of bed bugs. They've been around for centuries and have had plenty of time to adapt to their environment, including us humans.

These buggers can also go for days without you providing their blood meal. Scientists estimate they can go for as long as 500 days without eating. They're also very good at hiding. They have hardy, tiny, flat, lentil-sized bodies that enable them to squeeze into small spaces. Female bed bugs lay at least 500 eggs during their lifetime. 

Their offspring can regenerate after a few months. Therefore, killing them all completely is no easy feat. You'll need the assistance of a qualified bed bug control company.

Four Bed Bug Warning Signs Everyone Ought To Know

1. You have tiny, itchy bites- they appear in a line or cluster and can cause redness and swelling. Contact bed bug bite animal pest control in San Diego If you have these bites.

2. You see brown stains on your bed linens- you can see these stains on your sheets and mattresses, especially if you have an infestation. You’re safer hiring pest control to kill bed bugs than trying to fix the problem yourself.

3. You notice a musty smell In your house- they must feed on your blood to survive. These pests can detect your carbon dioxide, which means they know when you're in bed. Bed bug control near you can help you spot them.

4. You see adult bed bugs on your mattress or pillows.

How Effective Are DIY Bed Bug Prevention Tips?

DIY bed bug prevention pointers are only effective to a degree. This is because most San Diego homeowners don't know how to use bed bug control products properly. Also, bed bugs may be immune to most extermination products.

Keeping your home clean and spraying surfaces, bedding, furniture, and other household items is good, but you need to strengthen it by seeking help from professional bed bug control services in San Diego.

Benefits Of Professional Bed Bug Control

Hiring professional bed bug pest control in San Diego like HomeShield Pest Control has countless advantages. Some of them are:

  • You get eco-friendly bed bug extermination.
  • They handle the problem from the roots.
  • They help you save money you'd waste on toxic chemical products and repair.
  • They work fast and give the desired results.
  • They're licensed, so they know what they're doing.

We're based in California and have been in business for over ten years. We serve California residents and those in the neighboring areas. Our skilled technicians will share tips on how you can maintain a bug-free home and provide a customized treatment plan after thoroughly inspecting your home.

They clean up any remaining mess and drop by frequently to ensure these invasive pests haven't returned. Call us today for the best bed bug eradication services in the area.

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