Having voles in your Vero Beach yard can be incredibly frustrating. You have spent considerable time, money, and effort to create a nice landscape for your property. Your lawn, plants, trees, ornamentals, and garden are all at risk for damage when these pests invade and tunnel through your property.

Vero Beach pest control companies are frequently called because a pest is tearing up a lawn, but homeowners are often unsure what is causing the damage. Because voles work primarily underground, it can be hard to catch sight of them. We’ll explain some ways to identify a vole problem on your property. 

If you suspect you have a vole invasion, we are here to help. Read on to learn more about controlling voles, some tips on preventing them, and the best way to get rid of them from the pros at HomeShield Pest Control.

How To Identify A Vole

Voles in Vero Beach are stocky backyard rodents that range in size from five to seven inches, depending on the species. They are chestnut brown with dark gray coloring on their undersides. Voles have short legs and tails, small eyes, and ears that are partially hidden. 

Because they spend most of their time underground, you are more likely to be able to identify them by recognizing the damage they cause. Vole activity appears as surface runways on top of your lawn and noticeable burrow entrances with fresh dirt nearby. If you suspect voles on your property, contact us today at HomeShield Pest Control for assistance with identification and control.

The Destruction Voles Can Create In Your Yard

Vole rodent control is necessary to stop these troublesome pests. Voles are active year-round, day and night, and do not hibernate. Once they are on your property, they will be continually causing damage. Here are some of the many ways voles can harm your landscaping:

  • Visible runways of earth crisscrossing over your lawn.
  • Holes that open to burrows spread throughout your property.
  • Piles of excavated dirt from moles digging in your yard.
  • Gnaw marks on the base of seedlings and mature trees.
  • Voles feed and gnaw on ornamental planting, nursery stock, and fruit trees.
  • Voles will eat the food from your garden, roots, seeds, plants, and grasses.

HomeShield Pest Control offers effective vole pest control near you to stop these pests before they cause significant damage.

Natural Ways To Prevent Voles On Your Property

Preventing voles is often easier than trying to get them off your property. The following list explains some natural vole control methods that can help keep them away:

  • Be sure your lawn is well maintained, keeping ground cover between three and six inches with frequent mowing. 
  • Eliminate weeds and excess vegetation to make the area less attractive to voles.
  • Installing wire guards around shrubs and trees can help prevent vole damage.
  • Mulch should be at least three feet away from the base of trees.
  • Tilling your soil can remove any existing burrows.

For more tips on controlling voles, or assistance removing them from your property, contact HomeShield Pest Control today.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles

Voles can cause costly damage to your lawn, ornamentals, trees, and garden. The simplest and most effective way to eliminate voles on your property is to team up with a professional company with experience in vole control in Vero Beach

At HomeShield Pest Control, our service professionals know how to correctly identify the rodent causing trouble on your property and can efficiently eliminate any troublesome pest. Contact us today for your free quote and stop voles from destroying your beautiful landscape.