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Getting Rid Of Rats: What The Experts In Los Angeles County Want You To Know

November 03, 2023

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Rats are small and adaptable rodents. While they are essential to our ecosystem, you must keep them away from your loved ones. Their prolific breeding creates a serious issue once they take over our home, where they can cause property damage, spread pathogens, and more.

In this blog, the HomeShield Pest Control experts will tell you everything you need to know about these invasive rodents, from rat behavior to the common illnesses they can spread, and, of course, the best way to eliminate them for good with reliable rat control in Los Angeles County

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

Rodents in Los Angeles County are resilient pests. They can give many other invaders a run for their money with their keen ability to scour dark places and devour everything from grains to fruits and even your kitchen scraps while multiplying exponentially. Inviting them to a feast is as easy as forgetting dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

Rats often have favorite secret hideaways, like a highway network you must reach to control the colony. Unfortunately, they don't procrastinate. These speedy breeders can take over fast unless you intervene early to get rid of rats promptly. Failing to do so could expose you and your loved ones to dangerous pathogens.

Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

Rats can be small, and some people enjoy keeping them as pets. Still, don't underestimate them when it comes to spreading diseases.

These stealthy critters often carry dangerous pathogens, including the following:

  • Leptospira: It only takes one encounter with contaminated water or food to end up with this illness. It can cause anything from a fever to kidney or liver damage.

  • Hantavirus: This disease can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. It is a potentially life-threatening respiratory illness.

  • Salmonella: Rats are scavengers. While they can find everything they need to survive in our homes, rodents often spend considerable time in sewers and garbage cans, where they will pick up bacteria that can lead to food poisoning and other stomach troubles.

  • Rat-bite fever: You can get this bacterial infection from rat bites or scratches.

Working with the pros is best if you want to protect your family from a rat infestation. HomeShield Pest Control has years of experience eliminating rodents in Los Angeles County.

Call The Rat Control Experts: Ensuring Safe And Effective Elimination

Calling experienced rat exterminators is vital for a safe and effective elimination plan. Our experts understand rat behavior. We will close off entry points as part of our rodent exclusion services and look for the telltale signs of an infestation. We will also clean up your attic of pathogens and droppings to ensure total decontamination and long-term protection against diseases.

Remember, DIY methods can expose you to rat-borne diseases and dangerous products. We always follow safety protocols to protect you and your pets. We will also help prevent future infestations and maintain a rat-resistant environment year-round with simple yet effective prevention strategies.

Rat Prevention: Simple Measures To Keep Rats Out

Rats are crafty creatures. Still, you can outsmart most types of rats with some straightforward prevention measures, including the following:

  • Seal entry points: Rodents can slip through tiny openings. Seal them appropriately or ask us about our rodent exclusion services.

  • Store food securely: Rats are always on the lookout for a snack. Avoid leaving pantry items or leftovers out in the open.

  • Keep your home clean: A tidy home is not very interesting to rodents. Vacuum regularly, dispose of garbage promptly, and remove clutter where rats might hide.

  • Remember your yard: Trimming overgrown vegetation and eliminating yard debris is paramount. It will remove the hiding spots that rats love. Consider elevating compost bins and regularly picking up fallen fruits.

Following these simple measures and getting professional help when needed will help significantly reduce the risk of rat infestations.

HomeShield Pest Control is the local expert in rodent control in Los Angeles County. Complete the form on our website or call us to request a free quote.

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