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Is Professional Vole Control A Necessity In Vero Beach?

December 15, 2022

They may not look scary or threatening, but there’s a reason why most homeowners still don’t want voles trespassing onto their property. These unassuming, small rodents can be highly destructive and destroy your costly landscaping efforts.

Fortunately, HomeShield Pest Control provides the most effective pest control in Vero Beach to quickly eliminate voles from your property. Read further to learn more about these mice doppelgängers and why partnering with trustworthy pest specialists is the optimal way to remove them.

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How To Identify Voles

Have you seen a vole and initially thought it was a mouse? You’re in good company because many often confuse these rodents with mice or hamsters. The most significant difference between voles and mice is that the former spend most of their lives outside. Unlike mice, voles rarely invade structures. They live like prairie dogs, digging underground tunnels where they store food and have babies.

Voles are shorter and stockier than mice. Their ears are partly concealed with a short, furry tail, short legs, and small, dark eyes. Their color ranges from brownish-red to gray or black. Even though they have teeth, they rarely bite. However, spare your property potential damage and call HomeShield Pest Control for the highest quality vole pest control.

The Problems Voles On Your Property Can Create

Your beautiful landscaping projects can be thwarted instantly when voles decide to make your yard their new residence. It almost seems like a wasted effort to spend the money and time getting your garden right, only to have voles treat it as their buffet of treats. These herbivores will occasionally consume insects and snails, but the items in your garden are what they’re after. Controlling voles is essential to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your lawn and fruit trees. 

Even though these small rodents don’t pose a physical threat, they have been known to carry parasites and spread disease via their urine and feces. Your thick vegetation feeds voles and provides them with a shelter to conceal them from potential predators. 

Natural Ways To Prevent Voles On Your Property

If you’re a vole, there’s nothing like discovering a spacious yard with lush greenery and foliage to feed on. Unfortunately, you’re not a vole but the homeowner who’s on the receiving end of the damaged property. While deciding on what significant actions to take to resolve the issue, you can try a few natural vole control methods and exclusionary tactics to keep them away in the meantime, such as:

  • Surround the base of young trees with wire mesh or plastic tubing to protect them.
  • Use little to no mulch when landscaping.
  • Eliminate excessive ground cover and vegetation.
  • Strew cotton balls soaked in castor oil near any foliage.
  • Disperse coffee grounds lightly around your yard.

If you have a thriving garden, consider putting in some fencing. Also, collect fruit that has fallen from trees instead of letting them remain on the ground. For the ultimate vole control in Vero Beach, reach out to a reputable pest management company to conduct a comprehensive property inspection.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles

Voles make it hard to enjoy your yard in peace. So, when you’ve had enough of their destruction, consider partnering with professional pest experts who can deliver the best way to control voles around your property. Experienced service technicians have acquired the knowledge and skills to resolve your pest problems quickly and safely.

Our team at HomeShield Pest Control provides reliable and innovative solutions to restore the peacefulness, health, and safety of our Vero Beach residents’ homes and commercial spaces. Our success is based on delivering exactly what our customers need. We only dispense safe, high-quality products you and your family can feel good about. Let us give back the peace of mind that pest infestations take away. Reach out to us today to request your free quote.

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