Wasps are some of the most feared insects in Florida. Just the sight of one wasp near a person's home can cause them to become too fearful to go outside. If you see a wasp in your home or on your property, you should call the Vero Beach pest control specialists at HomeShield Pest Control as soon as possible. However, there are also things that you can do to prevent wasps from coming onto your property in the first place. 

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Wasps

There are several species of wasps in South Florida. Not all of the wasps in this area pose a significant risk to your health, but there are a few types of wasps that have the potential to become exceptionally dangerous. 

Here is a look at some of the most common types of wasps that are located in Vero Beach.

  • Mud dauber wasp: Mud dauber wasps, also known as dirt daubers, usually have black bodies that can sometimes have yellow stripes on the abdomen. They get their name from the unique way they build their nests. They collect mud from puddles that are usually located in a safe area away from people. Then, they roll the mud up into small balls and use it to build an elaborate nest that features sealable mud tubes. Mud daubers can sting people and animals; however, they are not considered an aggressive species and will usually only sting as a last resort.
  • Cicada killer wasps: The biggest wasp species in Vero Beach is the cicada killer wasp. The adults measure around 1 1/2 inches long and have black and yellow bodies. They like to live underground and feed primarily off of cicadas. Despite its fearsome name, the cicada killer wasp is not known to be aggressive. Many people refer to them as "the gentle giants of the wasp world."
  • Yellow jackets: Like the cicada killer wasp, yellow jackets like to build their nest underground. They are carnivorous and like to eat fruits and insects. They have black bodies that look as if they are wrapped in several bright yellow bands. Yellow jackets live in large colonies and get extremely aggressive when they feel threatened. They are known to sting their victims multiple times. 
  • Paper wasps: Paper wasps are social creatures that like to live in large colonies. They make their nest out of finely chewed-up wood particles that make a paper-like substance. There can be one to two hundred paper wasps in a single nest. Paper wasps are not too aggressive as long as you leave their nest alone. However, if you accidentally disturb it, you could get attacked by several wasps at one time. If a single paper wasp is away from its nest, it will usually not sting you unless it feels threatened.  

No matter what kind of wasps are on your property, HomeShield Pest Control can help with safe wasp removal services. 

The Reason Wasps Around Your Yard Can Be A Problem

Having wasps in your yard can be an extremely dangerous situation for some people. It is estimated that up to one in ten people have some sort of allergic reaction when stung by a wasp. Sometimes, the reaction is mild and may cause slight swelling and itching. However, sometimes a wasp sting can trigger a severe reaction that will require immediate medical attention.

Five Easy And Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

If you want to keep wasps out of your yard, there are a few preventive steps that you can take, which include:

  1. Don't leave food sitting around on picnic tables outside.
  2. Keep a lid on all outside trash cans.
  3. Keep stacks of firewood and bushes away from your home. 
  4. Use caulk to seal up all gaps and cracks around the doors and windows of your home.
  5. Don't leave bird feeders near your home.

Some people also like to spray essential oils around their house to help repel wasps. Wasps tend to avoid certain natural scents like peppermint, eucalyptus, and thyme.

How To Safely Remove A Wasp Infestation From Your Property

The best way to get rid of a wasp infestation on your property is to remove the nest first. However, doing this can be extremely dangerous, so the safest way to remove a wasp nest is to call the professionals. If you see a wasp nest on your Vero Beach property, call HomeShield Pest Control immediately. We can safely get rid of the nest and eliminate the wasps on your property.