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Natural Rat Repellents: Eco-Friendly Approaches To Vero Beach Pest Control

January 23, 2024

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Rat control in Vero Beach is something you probably don’t want to spend much time thinking about. However, if rats get onto your property or into your house, you may be in need of eco-friendly approaches to rat control in Vero Beach. HomeShield Pest Control offers the educational information and the services you need for a rat-free home.

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Rat Behavior: Insights Into Habits And Social Structure

Understanding rats can help you understand why they might show up in your Vero Beach home. Rat identification isn’t difficult since most people are familiar with what rats look like and how they differ from mice. However, you may be less familiar with rat behavior. 

Rats are social creatures, so where there is one, there are likely to be more. They tend to have well-developed social structures with an alpha male rat and other less dominant males, as well as a number of females, within one family group.

Rat behavior is based on their instincts to survive. They are focused on finding shelter, food, and water. Because humans provide them with all three of these things, rats are almost always found where there is human activity. Because of this, it’s easy to see why rats often end up in Vero Beach homes.

Rats Around The Home Are A Health Hazard

If rats caused no problems for the homes they moved into, they might still be unwelcome in those areas, but they might not have the bad reputation that they have. Unfortunately, rats are not harmless. In fact, they cause more problems than most other pests that get into homes in Vero Beach.

In addition to the serious property damage they can cause, rats are responsible for many health hazards. Rat droppings are contaminated with a variety of disease-causing pathogens. Since they leave their droppings everywhere they go, rats can easily contaminate areas of your home where you can pick up those pathogens. Coming into direct contact with rats can also be dangerous if they bite or scratch you. Some of the diseases spread through rat droppings or through direct contact include rat bite fever, leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and more. 

Rats also often carry parasites. If they get into your house, those parasites can be spread to your family members.

How Rats Find Their Way Into Your Home

If you’ve been hearing rats inside your walls or in your attic or have seen signs of their presence in your basement, you may wonder how they got inside in the first place. It’s surprisingly easy for rats to get into your Vero Beach home. Their relatively large size can be deceptive because they don’t need large openings in order to make their way inside. In fact, an opening as small as a nickel can be all a rat needs to gain entry to your house. 

Holes in your siding, gaps around your windows or doors, open vents or windows, an uncapped chimney, or even cracks in your foundation can all allow rats to get into your home.

Often, rats will first be attracted to your property due to outdoor food or water sources. They may stick around if there are areas where they can spend their time without being seen. Then, it only becomes a matter of time before they find their way into your house. Keeping your yard tidy and free of debris and removing food and water sources are eco-friendly ways to help avoid a rat infestation in your Vero Beach home.

The Pros To Know For Total Rat Control In Vero Beach

If rats have already gotten into your Vero Beach home, the best course of action for eco-friendly removal is to contact the best rat control company in the area. HomeShield Pest Control not only fully removes the rodents in your home but also offers rodent-proofing, exclusion, and attic cleaning services to ensure your home remains healthy and rat-free.

If you need rat removal or control services, contact HomeShield Pest Control. Our experienced experts provide eco-friendly services that are safe for your family and pets. Get in touch with us today to get rid of your rat problem.

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