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Pest Spotlight: How To Handle The Bed Bugs In The Sacramento Region

October 10, 2022

When it comes to bed bug pest control in Sacramento, the team at HomeShield Pest Control has everything to rid your property of these pests and restore your peace of mind with our safe products and high-quality treatments.

We understand how disturbing it can feel when you go to bed one night and wake up with itchy, red bumps on your body when you wake up. It’s an extreme invasion of privacy, to say the least. However, if you find yourself dealing with a bed bug problem, you can feel rest assured that bed bug pest control in The Sacramento Region is fast-acting and effective. HomeShield Pest Control is here to eliminate any stress and anxiety about bed bugs.

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Can One Bed Bug Cause An Infestation?

Finding one bed bug in your home or property doesn’t necessarily mean you are at risk of an infestation. However, according to the University of Arkansas, a single pregnant bed bug can become an infestation of 500 bed bugs within a couple of months.

Also, remember that bed bug bites don’t necessarily show up immediately after getting bitten. The C.D.C. states it can take one to several days before a skin reaction, and some people don’t have a skin reaction. This leads to the possibility of being bitten without realizing it at all.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Determining how to find bed bugs in Sacramento and if you have an infestation can be tricky, as some signs are similar to other pests. The great news is that some signs are very distinct and will easily let you know you have a bed bug problem. These signs include:

  • Fecal spots
  • Eggshells
  • Shed skin
  • Musty odor 
  • Blood stains

If you see any of these signs or have the slightest suspicion you may have bed bugs, it isn’t the time to play the guessing game. Call HomeShield Pest Control. We know exactly what to look for and have all the proper tools and equipment to get rid of bed bugs for good.

How Hard Is It To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Attempting to rid your property of bed bugs on your own will be extremely hard. For licensed exterminators, bed bug removal will be much easier as they have the necessary tools, products, and techniques. 

As an unsuspecting bed bug victim, once you learn you have a bed bug problem, you will likely search only your bed. Many don’t realize that bed bugs don’t just reside in beds. Bed bugs can live and thrive in headboards, baseboards, and even the heads of the screws holding your bed together. 

If you suspect you have bed bugs, HomeShield Pest Control will be the safest way to determine if you do or not and provide effective bed bug control services.

The Solution Is Simple: HomeShield Pest Control! 

This statement couldn’t be more accurate. Bed bugs are not only a nuisance but can cause painful bites and tremendous stress and anxiety. No one wants to live like that, nor should they. These pests are so tiny and can hide in numerous places that removing them on your own will be quite a lengthy process. Professional bed bug removal services are the only effective way to eradicate them.

Here in Sacramento, we provide fast and reliable bed bug services for residential and commercial properties. To learn more about how we can safeguard your home or business from these invasive pests, call HomeShield Pest Control, and one of our pest control professionals will be happy to discuss our solutions with you.

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