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San Diego County's Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

April 30, 2023

Do you ever wonder about cockroaches and why they love to invade homes here in San Diego County? These pests are not complicated. We are going to take some time today to describe why cockroaches invade local homes, talk about the problems they cause, and offer some quick solutions to get and keep them out.

Get in touch with HomeShield Pest Control immediately if you suspect these insects are inside your home. We will walk you through your options for pest control in San Diego County and discover a plan that will properly address the issues you are having with these nasty little insects. 

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What Kind Of Roaches Are There In San Diego County?

San Diego has a wide variety of roach species. Three common types of cockroaches in our area include German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches. Identify a German roach by its ½ to ? inch long, light brown to tan body and the two dark, almost parallel lines that run behind its head. Identify an American cockroach by its 1 ¼ to 2 ? inch long, reddish-brown body and the yellow figure eight pattern behind its head. Finally, identify a brown-banded cockroach by its ½-inch long, dark brown body and the two lighter brown bands on its body.

If you are having trouble identifying these pests inside your home or business, do not worry. Call in our team for a thorough pest inspection to better understand what you are up against. 

Why It Is Considered Dangerous To Have Roaches In Your House

Of all the problems that roaches cause, you should be most concerned about the indirect threat they pose to you and your family's health. If you didn't know, cockroaches are nature's trash can. They consume all the items that other creatures will not. This includes fecal droppings, rotting meat, toenail clippings, book glue, and other stranger things. A lot of what roaches consume is riddled with harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasitic worms. When these pests travel through homes, they spread these sickness vectors over left-out food, countertops, and other areas you might interact.

We would like it if you did not get sick. For this reason, you should invest in some form of cockroach control, whether DIY or professional. 

Why Do I Have Roaches And Why Won't They Go Away?

Cockroaches do not invade homes without a reason. These pests come indoors to seek three things, food, moisture, and shelter. Their favorite places are areas where they can find all three of these things, like the underside of a refrigerator or stove. Here are some other specific things that might attract these pests to your home:

  • Cookie crumbs on the floor
  • Bread on the counter
  • Grime on your bathroom tile
  • Animal droppings on the carpet
  • A wet sink
  • A puddle of soda under your couch

The fewer opportunities these pests have for food, moisture, and shelter, the less likely they will be to invade. We recommend addressing as many of these attractants as possible. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Roaches In Your Home

If you suspect your home has a cockroach infestation, do not hesitate to get our team at HomeShield Pest Control involved. We have advanced pest control strategies and a dedicated team of professionals that has your best interest at heart. All you have to do is let us know about your problems with pests like cockroaches. We will find a quick solution that meets your need.

Reach out to HomeShield Pest Control now to learn more about our service options and find a solution for your San Diego County home's cockroach problems.

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