Pest control is commonly associated with animals such as rodents, insects, arachnids, and wildlife, causing stress for home and property owners. However, weeds are another type of invader that can harm lawns and gardens in California.

Weed seedlings are introduced to environments through clothing, animals, vehicles, and shoes. Weeds grow best in bare soil that receives an abundance of sunlight, making homes in California highly susceptible. Lawn spraying works by bonding with grass blades, like metal to magnets. When the grass is mowed, the blades fall and decompose into your lawn's soil, releasing the stored nutrients and creating a protective barrier. HomeShield Pest Control offers the best weed and pest control in San Diego.

Lawncare Spraying in San Diego County

Lawncare spraying is a system that delivers a mixture of nutrients and other solutions to turf and soil that eliminates invasive weeds and insects from forming habitats that spread around your property. The lawn spray for weeds formula is regulated by laws and can vary depending on local weeds, but most include 95% water, fertilizer, and additional solutions to protect your lawn. For best results, contact a licensed pest control company for application. At HomeShield Pest Control, we use high-end, eco-friendly products guaranteed to bring out the best in San Diego County lawns and gardens.

Common Types Of Weeds That Invade Lawns In San Diego County

San Diego County presents optimal conditions for weeds to grow with warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to become a nuisance to homeowners in San Diego County. Most weeds require getting your hands dirty by pulling and digging up the whole weed, including the roots.

Common types of weeds in San Diego County include:

  • Buckhorn plantain
  • Chickgrass
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Field bindweed

The best way to stop weeds in their tracks is to call a certified pest control contractor to apply a pre-emergent to your lawn and property. A pre-emergent will prevent seeds from sprouting which saves you from the effort that pulling weeds requires.

How A Few Weeds Can Become A Big Problem

Weeds dominate any yard they appear in. Almost instantly, they steal valuable nutrients from surrounding plants as they spread out and invade your lawn. A few weeds can become a huge problem once they spread and fill the remaining space on your lawn, covering the ground and preventing water and sunlight from accessing plants' roots. Some types of weeds attack below the surface and tie their roots around plant roots and drain the nutrients directly. Prevent this from happening with our proven solutions and methods at HomeShield Pest Control. Prevention is your best chance to prevent weeds from taking over your San Diego County property again.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Weed Control

DIY weed control isn't a recommended strategy for the busy homeowner. One reason being is that store-bought products can cause devastating results to your beautiful lawn and garden if they're applied incorrectly. Applying too much will ruin surrounding plants and applying too little will be ineffective in removing weeds. DIY weed control is a temporary fix to a permanent problem. Save yourself time and energy by contacting HomeShield Pest Control. We can effectively remove weeds without damaging your lawn or causing harm to your health and the environment.

The Best Weed Control Solution For Your Lawn

Our company focuses on eco-friendly products and solutions to protect your home, family, and pets from pests. We understand how invasive, destructive, and detrimental weeds can be to San Diego County lawns and gardens, and we're here to help end it. California is home to a spectrum of pests, and we work hard to remove them from your home and yard for ultimate safety and security.