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The Best Way To Deter Birds From Your Vero Beach Property

August 30, 2022

Birds exist throughout the world in different habitats, and roughly 800 species exist in the U.S. Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates with feathers and wings, although some species, such as penguins, cannot fly. Birds come in various sizes, from the two-inch hummingbird to the ostrich, which typically stands at more than seven feet.

Birds stand on two legs, and a beak allows for grasping and swallowing food. All female birds create eggs, which typically develop in a nest. Depending on the species and environment, a bird's diet might include berries, seeds, insects, or small animals.

Many types of birds pose problems for local home and business owners. Birds build nests on properties, carry a host of germs, and may damage property. Bird control that professionals deploy includes various tools and strategies that effectively prevent birds from landing, roosting, and nesting. Examples include using repellents, implementing physical exclusionary measures, trapping, and more.

Are you in need of a specialist in bird control near you? A professional Vero Beach pest control company knows how to control birds in your yard using the best preventative measures for residential bird control in Vero Beach.

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Types Of Pest Birds That Plague Vero Beach Properties

Many different types of birds in Vero Beach become troublesome, including American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos), starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus), Eurasian collared-doves (Streptopelia decaocto), and pigeons (Columba livia)

The Many Problems Roosting Birds Can Create On Your Property

Birds that remain on properties are a nuisance, a substantial health risk, and create millions of dollars in damage to properties each year in the U.S. Some of the primary problems include the following:

  • Droppings (property damage): Bird waste contains uric acid that will erode different materials such as wood, steel, iron, and most materials used in roofing. Accumulations of bird droppings will clog gutter systems, damage paint and automobiles, and damage electrical components. 
  • Droppings (health risks): Bird droppings also can transmit more than 60 bird-borne diseases, and birds routinely carry internal and external parasites. Dried waste may emit airborne particles known for causing histoplasmosis and other respiratory problems. 
  • Noise: Many birds generate irritating sounds, particularly when they gather in large groups.
  • Nests: Some birds will form nests in gutters or around upper eaves or roofs, creating possible water problems. Nests often impede home or building ventilation systems and create hazardous indoor air quality. Many of the materials in nests are flammable and may create fire risks. 

Aside from creating problems on a property's exterior, birds sometimes enter large warehouses or retail structures and build nests.

It's Extremely Difficult To Get Rid Of Pest Birds On Your Own

Many homeowners mistakenly purchase retail products designed for bird control for pigeons on your property. One common product that property owners try is an owl decoy to scare away birds; these are rarely effective.

Others will purchase some of the gimmicky bird control options, such as noise-generating devices. Some of these produce ultrasonic sounds or noises that mimic types of predators. The products are among the many that result in further frustration.

The best solution when encountering problems with birds on your property involves contacting a licensed pest control professional. Bird-control specialists closely assess the situation and create customized solutions that are safe and effective.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

The qualified technicians with HomeShield Pest Control receive training regarding the latest Vero Beach bird control methods. In many cases, we will implement a comprehensive strategy that involves two or more proven techniques.

Implementing physical barriers can effectively exclude birds from the premises as with durable netting material. Bird spikes will prevent most types of birds from "roosting" on cross-beams, signs, and ledges. A professional may use high-quality repellent products such as liquids or gels. Often, areas of the property must also be cleaned and disinfected after getting rid of the birds.

Contact our team today for a consultation and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Vero Beach.

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