If you spot a rat in your Los Angeles home, your first reaction likely isn’t to pet it. If anything, your first reaction is to run away or do that famous jumping dance on top of a table or counter. 

Of all the questions that will float around in your head, the important question to ask is why rats are getting inside your home. Finding out why they’re coming into your home is the next important question, but determining the source is what’s significant.

If you find yourself dealing with rats in your home, your first course of action should be to call your top-rated Los Angeles County pest control experts, HomeShield Pest Control. 

Signs You Could Be Dealing With Rats 

As much as you don’t want to think about it, you may be seeing and experiencing signs of a rat infestation without even realizing it. However, the more you know about rats and what it is about your home they’re attracted to, the sooner you take actionable steps to remove them.

  • Droppings 
  • Scratching sounds
  • Gnaw marks on various items
  • Running sounds in the walls/ceiling
  • Finding rats themselves

If you notice any of these signs of rats around your home, you’re likely sharing your home with these furry critters, and it’s not safe. From rat urine and droppings to food contamination for you and your pets, rats simply don’t belong in your home. To stop the spread of germs and bacteria from rats, call HomeShield Pest Control for rodent control and rodent exclusion services. 

All The Damages That Rats Can Cause To Your Home 

Ideally, you want to get rid of rats before they damage your home. Unfortunately, you usually don’t discover a rat problem until they’ve already caused damage to your home. Some of the damages rats can do to your home include: 

  • Chewing through wiring
  • Damaging insulation
  • Transmit pathogens
  • Pipe damage

Rats are also notorious breeders as well, so if you have a rat problem that you don’t handle in a timely manner, you risk the possibility of rats multiplying. This will cause an even bigger infestation and more damage to your home. 

Effectively Deterring Rats In Los Angeles County

In your efforts to deter rats, you must first get them out of your house if you have an infestation. Only professional rat removal services are the most effective. Once professionals remove the rats from your home, you can then take preventive measures to keep them out of your home. These preventive measures include keeping your home clean and free of food debris, as well as removing water sources. You should also seal any openings, cracks, or crevices on the exterior of your home and trim back areas of overgrown foliage.

If you’re unsure how to rat-proof your home, how to get rid of rats, or if you’re uncertain of the difference between mice and rats, contact HomeShield Pest Control for more helpful tips. 

Professional Rat Control Made Easy 

When you discover a rat problem in your home, immediately call HomeShield Pest Control for safe and effective control and exclusion services.  

We have provided the Los Angeles County areas with pest control services for over ten years, and all types of rats are no threat to us. We know all their hiding places, behaviors, and everything that attracts them to a home. Because of our years of experience, we know exactly how to treat your home to get them out and keep them out. 

We built HomeShield Pest Control upon the principles of providing peace of mind and happiness to Los Angeles home and business owners. To learn more about our home or commercial pest control services, don’t delay; give us a call today.