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The Problems With Roof Rats in Los Angeles County

November 05, 2021

Roof rats can present a serious problem to your Los Angeles County home once they start moving in. Utilize rat prevention tips and help from HomeShield Pest Control to prevent these rodents from taking over your property.

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Why Roof Rats Are a Problem 

Unlike its counterpart, home-invading rodent species, the Norway rat, the roof rat is slightly smaller and much more adept at climbing. Roof rats are sometimes referred to as black rats or ships rats and can be identified by their brown and black coats. They will also have a grey, white, or black underside and can grow to an average of 16 inches, including their tail length. Roof rats love to live in elevated areas of your home, such as attics, which is where they receive their name from. These climbing skills are also what make them so difficult to prevent from entering your home.

Like other rodents you may encounter in your Los Angeles County home, roof rats bring a significant risk of destruction and disease into your home. This rodent can chew through most materials and may ruin your home by gnawing on electrical wires, plumbing pipes, wood, or cinder block. They can also leave behind droppings and claw or scratch marks in your home.

It is also important to note that rodents are dangerous and bring with them significant disease risks. This rodent can spread leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, toxoplasmosis, and trichinosis through their urine and droppings and may also bring parasites such as fleas ticks, and mites into your home. 

Roof Rat Prevention Tips

There are a few helpful roof rat prevention tips that you can follow to keep out this troublesome rodent:

  • Roof rats are highly skilled in climbing, something that allows them to easily teach your room and enter into your home using the chimney. Investing in chimney caps for your home can block one of the most common rodent entry points.
  • Ensure that all food storage, food waste, and trash is properly secured and disposed of. Trash cans should have tight seals, especially those outside, as this will stop the aroma from attracting rats. You may also want to keep pet food stored properly inside your home and clean up any food or liquid spills as soon as possible.
  • Inspect your home for gaps and cracks in the windows, doors, roof, and foundation. Rats can enter your home through incredibly small holes, so make sure to be completely thorough as you seal up potential entry points. You may want to invest in a rat-proof material such as hard cement or steel to block off these areas.
  • Roof rats and other rodents are often attracted to areas of water or moisture. Make sure to fix any leaks both inside and outside of our house and ensure that your entire home has proper ventilation. You may also want to clear out gutters to prevent water from pooling up in them.
  • Regularly clear out clutter around your yard and inside of your home. Roof rats may be attracted to organic yard debris such as fallen fruit as they search for food. They are likely to make their home in cluttered hidden areas once they enter. Keeping these areas clean and clear deters roof rats from setting up shop.

Professional Roof Rat Assistance

Roof rat infestations can be challenging to get rid of once they take place. Contact the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control for more advice or assistance with your rodent problems. We utilize eco-friendly products with a 100 % guarantee and offer free maintenance calls between visits. Call us today for a free estimate.

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