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The Sacramento Region’s Secret To Effective Attic Cleaning

July 05, 2021

Attics and crawlspaces are favorite hiding spot locations for a slew of nuisance pests in Sacramento. These environments tend to provide protection from predators and a cool, temperate climate, plus the lack of human activity in this part of the house means that pests can thrive uninterrupted.

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Common Attic-Invading Pests

It should also be noted that the types of things that homeowners tend to store in attics are of high interest to pests looking to build a nest. Think cardboard boxes with paper stuffing. The types of pests that will invade your attics are:

  • Rodents: Small rodents like house mice love how dark and secluded your attic is. The insulation and many other storage items that we often leave up in our attics are prime for building a nest. Additionally, house mice make for skilled climbers and have no problem gaining access either from outside or inside.

  • Flies: Cluster flies look for wall voids or cracks in the attic primarily during fall, winter, or spring. In the fall, they enter homes again to hibernate.

  • Bats: Bats will use your attic as their own personal cave and it makes sense, given the structure and layout of many American homes. Bats can easily squeeze through any exposed openings in your home and they will not leave. Bats are potentially one of the most difficult pests to evict.

  • Raccoons: Raccoons may seize the opportunity of any openings to make their way into your attic; however, they are determined and strong enough to tear right through roofing materials if they suspect that something of interest may be on the other side.

Damage That Pests Can Cause In Your Attic

Having an infestation of pests and rodents in your attic can cause a slew of health issues as well as structural ones. Some of the damage that they might cause includes:

  • Health issues associated with fecal droppings and urination

  • Clawing and gnaw marks

  • Chewed wiring leaving your home vulnerable and at risk of house fires

  • Further infestation of other pests

HomeShield Pest Control’s Attic Restoration Process

Sacramento homeowners should not attempt to clean and restore a damaged attic themselves. HomeShield Pest Control offers the most thorough, safest plan of action when it comes to ensuring that your attic and crawlspaces are free from pest infestations of all sorts. HomeShield Pest Control will perform an attic cleanup to decontaminate your home after an infestation has been found. Sometimes if homeowners have an ongoing infestation, the steps taken to mitigate the issue can also include exclusion or proofing services.

If your infestation is gone, the team at HomeShield Pest Control will perform an attic cleanup that includes total decontamination, which includes removing all traces of urine, fecal matter, and many other materials that could be deteriorating your home. The last step in our process is an attic insulation removal service. During this final step, we'll remove and replace any sections of insulation that have been compromised due to an infestation. The team includes this step because insulation is a common spot for say, rodents, to leave behind droppings, which can pose a great health risk to humans.

The professionals at HomeShield Pest Control perform all steps in this process safely and with top-notch decontamination materials to ensure that your Sacramento home is safe. Contact the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control for attic cleaning services in Sacramento today to recover and take back your attic space!

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