If you're like many San Diego residents, you care about the environment and the impact your choices have on the natural world around you. And you also care about keeping yourself and your family safe from potentially harmful products.

When it comes to pest control services in San Diego, many people are concerned about the impacts and want to ensure they use green pest control options. Luckily, there are many effective pest prevention and removal options that are safe for you, your household, and the environment.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we offer environmentally-friendly pest control options. Read on to learn more about these services and why they are a great way to protect your home from pest problems.

What Is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control services are centered around using preventive measures that don't use any sprays or chemicals and instead use fully organic products without harsh ingredients. At HomeSheild Pest Control, we provide fully organic products that are oil-based. These options are great for residential and commercial properties, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A significant part of our green pest control services is prevention. The best way to deal with pest problems, in general, is to deter them before they get started. Our team works with you to seal your home and property against common pests in San Diego, so we don't need to use any products to remove the pest problem.

Is Eco-Friendly Pest Control Still Effective?

While many people want to use eco-friendly pest control options, they also worry about how effective these services are and if they'll work like more traditional methods. Luckily, green pest control plans are highly effective. They are just a different way of going about the pest control process, but they have been tested and tweaked.

While there weren't many options decades ago, more and more companies and people have spent time developing safe green pest control.

Pests That Eco-Friendly Pest Control Can Effectively Get Rid Of

All kinds of pests commonly invade California homes and businesses. Some of these pests even pose health and safety risks.

Here are a few of these notable pest species and the issues they cause:

  • Rodents: Mice and rats are adaptable and intelligent, and they chew through all kinds of materials, causing property damage. They can also transmit illnesses like hantavirus.
  • Cockroaches: These disgusting pests are widespread and transmit many diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis.
  • Ants: While some ants are only a nuisance, they are still incredibly invasive and hard to eradicate. Some species damage property or pose health risks.
  • Spiders: Luckily, most spiders in San Diego are relatively harmless, but they are still scary to encounter. However, a couple of species are dangerous to people.
  • Termites: These pests are among the most destructive pests in the area as they eat wooden objects. They often cost people thousands of dollars on home repairs. 

The San Diego pest control services provided by HomeShield pest Control address these pests and more using eco-friendly approaches.

HomeShield Pest Control: Your One-Stop Eco-Friendly Pest Control Stop!

Whether you're currently dealing with a pest problem or want protection from future problems, our team of technicians can help. We provide inspections and ongoing treatment plans that keep you and your household safe from potentially dangerous pests. Call our office today to request a green pest control quote or book an inspection for our home pest control or commercial pest control services.