Bed bugs! Just the name of these disgusting pests can make many people feel fear and disgust, and there is definitely something so off-putting about these creatures. Bed bugs in Los Angeles County are invasive and parasitic as they need to consume blood to survive. This means that they come out at night and get a bite of your skin, and this leaves you with itchy bites the next day. No one wants to have bed bugs in their home, so discover how pest control in Los Angeles County can keep these pests away.

Do Bed Bugs In My Los Angeles County Home Mean It's Dirty?

One of the biggest misconceptions about bed bugs in Los Angeles County is that they only invade dirty homes. Many people associate bed bugs with filth, but the truth is that almost any home, and even business, can end up with a bed bug problem. Bed bugs aren't drawn to unsanitary or unclean places, and they don’t come inside from outdoors.

Instead, bed bugs are usually brought inside on items you carry in with you, like bags, after you’ve been running errands or traveling. They can be picked up on public transportation, in hotels, around other businesses, or in other people’s homes. Secondly, bed bug infestations can begin when you bring in secondhand items that are already infested.

Do Bed Bugs In Los Angeles County Travel On Clothes?

One interesting thing about bed bugs is that they don’t use humans as hosts, unlike some other parasitic pests. While ticks will latch onto humans and animals and fleas live on animal fur, bed bugs don't use animals as hosts. Instead, they grab a ride on other items like purses, luggage, or briefcases.

Technically, they can also grab onto clothing, but this doesn't happen often. They don’t move all that quickly, so usually, we move too fast for them to grab our clothes directly. However, if you're staying somewhere with an infestation, bed bugs could get onto clothes you have in your suitcases. This is why you should know a few things about bed bug prevention

What Are Some Bed Bug Control Tips For My Los Angeles County Home?

Bed bug prevention is difficult because bed bugs can be found almost anywhere. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your chances of acquiring bed bugs, such as:

  • Avoid setting down bags and luggage and use the luggage rack.
  • When staying in a hotel or other shared room, make sure to check for signs of bed bugs such as blood stains and brown smear marks.
  • Always check any secondhand items like furniture and appliances for signs of bed bugs, too.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Los Angeles County Home Fast!

While bed bug control is difficult when it comes to prevention, there is a simple bed bug control solution when it comes to eradication. The pest control experts at HomeShield Pest Control can remove these pesky pests in no time.

Bed bugs are invasive, so the only way to remove them effectively and keep them from returning is with professional assistance. Our team will remove every bug and egg, so this issue is resolved for you. Find out more by calling us today and requesting a quote.