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bed bug infestation on sheets

Oct 10 2022

Pest Spotlight: How To Handle The Bed Bugs In The Sacramento Region

If you want bed bugs gone for good from your Sacramento property, HomeShield Pest Control is your solution.

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bed bug on curtain

Sep 16 2022

Tips To Keep The Bed Bugs In Orange County Out Of Your Home

Bed bugs are common home invaders in Orange County. Learn more about identifying and managing them. Otherwise, a long battle with an infesta...

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bed bug crawling on furniture

Aug 28 2022

Bed Bugs In San Diego Could Be Resistant To Pest Control Efforts

Bed bugs are little creatures that can turn your San Diego home upside down if you don't control them. Keep reading to find out some bed bug...

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a bed bug on top of a linen sheet

Jun 15 2022

Are You Ready For Bed Bug Prevention Month In Orange County?

Bed bugs are a nuisance pest that can bring stress into your Orange County home. Learn more about these hitchhiking bugs.

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bed bug

May 24 2022

Keeping Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home In The Sacramento Region

Do you suspect that bed bugs have invaded your home? Contact a local pest control professional for a detailed inspection immediately.

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bed bug

Mar 04 2022

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Los Angeles County Home?

Bed bugs might be disgusting, but they don’t spread in the ways you might think. Discover why bed bugs are in your Los Angeles County home.

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bed bug crawling on headboard

Feb 11 2022

A Practical Solution To Bed Bugs Infesting Your Orange County Home

Bed bugs are hard to remove, but there is one practical way to get them out of your Orange County home.

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bed bug on skin

Feb 02 2021

How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Orange County Homes

Bed bugs are easy to get and hard to get rid of, even if your house is spotless. Learn preventive measures and how to get help, if you get b...

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