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rat sniffing about

Aug 14 2022

Rodents In Orange County Could Have Hidden Entry Points

You shouldn't take a rodent infestation lightly. Things can escalate from bad to worse. Read on to learn how to seal a rodent entry point in...

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two house mice outside of a home

Jun 30 2022

The Mice In My San Diego County Home Are Giving Me Trouble

Mice in your San Diego County home can wreak havoc. Find out how partnering with the best local pest control company can take care of your m...

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mouse in kitchen cupboard

Dec 20 2021

How Dangerous Are Mice In The Sacramento Region?

Mice are the most common rodents to invade Sacramento, California homes. Learn the top six steps for preventing mice here.

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roof rat inside home

Nov 05 2021

The Problems With Roof Rats in Los Angeles County

Utilize rat prevention tips and help from HomeShield Pest Control to prevent these rodents from taking over your property.

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a rat crawling on a workbench

Jan 08 2021

The Secret To Effective Rat Control In Orange County

Rats are incredibly intelligent, family-oriented, and hard-working critters. They are also walking Petri dishes of disease and reckless dest...

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a rat on a back porch

Jan 05 2021

How Dangerous Are Rats On My Orange County Property?

Rats are one of the many pests that infiltrate properties and may create property damage, as well as pose potential health risks. They are e...

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