Quality Pest Control In Moraga, CA

Moraga is a Lamorinda region community in Contra Costa County. It was incorporated in 1974 when Moraga Town, Rheem, and Rheem Valley combined to form a new town. Today, it's home to the Saint Mary's College of California, residences, and two business districts. It's in the hills of Northern California's Bay Area and 18 miles east of San Francisco, offering residents a quiet community near one of the largest cities in the state.

The surrounding hills, parks, and Moraga Creek offer residents a peaceful feeling absent in cities. But they can also cause problems because they provide natural habitats for area pests near homes and businesses. They'll invade properties for food and water or to hide from predators. They can cause hidden damage in your building or spread troublesome pathogens on surfaces that can cause illnesses in people. Moraga, CA, pest control professionals have the knowledge and tools to protect your property.

HomeShield Pest Control protects Moraga and other Contra Costa County communities from the area's pests. We use the best methods to remove intruders and protect your property from future infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Moraga

Moraga residents work hard to build comfortable lives in this community and do what they can to protect their properties. Unfortunately, the most dangerous intruders are the pests that invade homes. They hide in the trees, grass, and other landscaping features, accessing structures through tiny entry points in your exterior. They can cause damage and spread illnesses when they get inside, threatening your health and safety.

HomeShield Pest Control provides home pest control in Moraga, CA. We start with an inspection to find activity and entry points into your home. We'll treat anything we see inside, close open spaces to the exterior, and create a three-foot barrier around your house to prevent future problems. In addition to protecting your structure, we'll inspect and treat your yard and perimeter to keep potentially troublesome pests far away from your home.

The pests around Moraga can cause extensive damage and spread illnesses when they invade houses. Call us to learn more about our home pest control services and schedule an inspection of your property.

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Commercial Pest Control In Moraga

Moraga features two thriving business districts and one of the best school systems in California. These aspects of the town attract people from around the country. Commercial buildings often feature ample food, water, and shelter, making them excellent places for pests to invade. They can cause damage to equipment, contaminate products, and spread illnesses to people inside. Commercial pest control in Moraga, CA, can protect your property from these potentially dangerous intruders.

At HomeShield Pest Control, our technicians know the local pests that threaten the safety of commercial facilities and how to keep them away. We'll inspect your structure to find signs of activity, conducive conditions, and entry points. We'll develop a customized treatment plan to remove the pests from your building and prevent others from entering. Following our initial visit, we can set up a recurring schedule to protect your facility year-round.

We serve various commercial facilities in Moraga with expert pest control services and can keep your building pest-free. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your facility.

How To Minimize Pest Birds Around Your Moraga Property

Most residents aren't concerned about birds on their properties. Some even prefer having birds around because their singing can be relaxing. Unfortunately, pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings cause trouble when they land around Moraga homes and businesses. Minimizing the number of these pest birds is essential to your safety.

Pest birds can cause several problems on your property. They build nests that can clog gutters and leave acidic droppings on surfaces. Their droppings can also spread illnesses to people, making them a potential health risk. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep these troublemakers away. Some tips to minimize pest birds around Moraga include:

  • Eliminate flat surfaces.

  • Close open spaces on flat surfaces.

  • Remove food and water sources.

  • Clean up around your property.

When you call HomeShield Pest Control for bird control in Moraga, we'll start by looking for flat surfaces and common attractants. We'll eliminate these areas to dissuade birds from invading your property with control, exclusion, trapping, and cleaning services. In addition to removing birds, we can prevent others from invading.

Pest birds are troubling because they can cause damage, spread illnesses, and are hard to eliminate. Fortunately, our experts know how to find and remove these creatures to protect you. Call us to get pest birds away from your Moraga home or business.

Moraga Resident's Guide To Avoiding Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are common around Moraga homes when the temperature rises. They hide during the day to avoid direct sunlight, becoming active around dawn and dusk. Their bites are annoying, ruining the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Most of these pests are only irritants, but some can be dangerous when they bite.

Female mosquitoes bite people for their blood during the reproductive process. They're active around 80°F but dehydrate in direct sunlight, so they only bite during certain parts of the day. Culex and Asian tiger mosquitoes are the species that spread illnesses in North America, and both live in Northern California. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from these insects. Some tips to keep mosquitoes away from your property include:

  • Eliminate standing water on your property.

  • Cut vegetation and grass that provide shade.

  • Stay indoors around dawn and dusk.

  • Wear long clothing outside when mosquitoes are active.

These tips can help prevent bites, but the mosquito experts at HomeShield Pest Control can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property permanently. Our professional mosquito treatment starts with an inspection of your property to find these creatures and the attractants drawing them. We'll treat these areas with a backpack fogger and follow up with monthly recurring visits.

Mosquitoes are irritating and potentially dangerous insects to have around your Moraga home. Let us know if you want to prevent mosquitoes on your property.