Sometimes, it seems like ants come from nowhere and completely take over, and you’re left wondering where they came from and what you did to draw them in. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep ants out without San Diego County pest control, especially if you don’t have fully sealing windows or doors. Still, more factors than just entry points make ants come indoors.

For more on the types of ants that invade homes, the problems they can cause, and how to prevent and get rid of them with ant pest control, keep reading.

The Types Of Ants That Invade Homes

There are many different types of ants that invade homes in the California area, but the ones you are most likely to see include carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and little black ants.

Carpenter ants are, arguably, the most problematic of these species. Similar to termites, carpenter ants can chew through wood in and around your home. The type of carpenter ant common to this area is the Western black carpenter ant, which is one of the most destructive species of its kind. It is, as its description indicates, black with a hairy abdomen. Carpenter ants are much larger than other species of ant, and you can easily identify their large, wide heads with perceptible jaws when you’re looking at a worker. Some of these ants also have wings.

Argentine ants are also problematic, but for different reasons. Argentine ants are an invasive species to the United States. While they may look like typical ants, they are capable of creating colonies that are so massive, they take over whole city blocks. Argentine ants can also create dense populations in front and backyards, making them more likely to move indoors when food or water gets scarce. Having proper ant control in your yard can create a barrier against this type of invader.

Finally, little black ants are exactly what their name implies. They may seem harmless, but they can appear en masse and cause other problems you may not expect.

a carpenter ant in a basement

The Problems Ants Can Cause In Your Home

As far as serious health threats, ants are hardly ever a major issue. However, each species comes with unique risks. For example, black carpenter ants can destroy wood similar to termites, if not as quickly. While carpenter ants, in general, tend to focus their attention on wood that is already vulnerable from water damage or rotting, they can still infest and damage healthy wood.

Argentine ants and little black ants are problematic for different reasons. Ants that tend to stick to your kitchens and eat out of your sinks and garbage, may track harmful bacteria from these unsanitary places onto your surfaces or even leftover food. While ants don’t carry disease themselves, they can transmit food-borne illnesses like salmonella.

Thankfully, there are very clear and easy-to-implement ant control solutions anyone can use in their homes.

Easy Ant Prevention Tips

Practicing ant control in your house is actually pretty simple. Like most home-invading pests, ants eat what we eat when their natural food sources aren’t available. So limiting their access to food and water is the best way to keep them from making themselves at home.

To get started, here are some easy ant prevention tips:

  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink.
  • Sanitize surfaces often, vacuum, and sweep.
  • Make sure trees and bushes don’t come in contact with your roof, siding, or window sills.
  • Take the trash out often, and sanitize the bin regularly.
  • Outdoors, mow your lawn often and maintain landscaping.
  • Make sure there are no leaks around your home’s exterior and limit excess moisture.
  • Dehumidify inside of your home.

For the most part, keeping a clean home and filling cracks as needed around the exterior will help you avoid most pest problems. However, with carpenter ants, keep in mind that they tend to target wood that is already damaged. Good prevention protocol for carpenter ants involves repairing and replacing rotting or water-damaged wood.

Safe & Effective Ant Control For Your San Diego County Home

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