Professional Pest Solutions In El Dorado Hills, CA

In El Dorado Hills, there are far too many pests to go along with the natural beauty of our area. That’s why HomeShield Pest Control takes pride in protecting local homes and businesses with our El Dorado County pest control services. And we don’t just talk about it. We act on it. That’s why we offer the following benefits and more to our El Dorado Hills residential and commercial clients:

  • 100% service guarantee 
  • Customer service with integrity 
  • Eco-friendly products only 
  • Comprehensive services 
  • Ongoing protection

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Residential Pest Control In El Dorado Hills, CA

Pest problems on your El Dorado Hills property will not only threaten your home and equity but your family’s health as well.

Termites may be able to damage your home over time, but rodents, roaches, ants, and more can threaten your family’s well-being. So, do you really want to take a chance on your own pest control methods?

For the kind of protection that puts what matters most to you first, partner with a HomeShield Pest Control residential expert. Our highly-trained technicians will inspect your property thoroughly before putting together a customizable home pest control plan to keep your property pest-free, guaranteed.

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Commercial Pest Control In El Dorado Hills, CA

When you own a business in El Dorado Hills, you really can’t afford to have pest problems. Not only do invasive pests destroy your inventory and put your employees at risk, but they could also make you go viral on social media in a lot of different ways that will make you regret trying to take care of pests on your own.

Instead of rolling the dice on DIY pest control methods, try partnering with a HomeShield Pest Control commercial expert. We have the industry and area experience to back up our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we also have eco-friendly pest control products that you can be proud of. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our El Dorado Hills commercial pest control experts.

The Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control In El Dorado Hills, CA

When rodents invade your El Dorado Hills home, they will do a lot more than just create an unpleasant environment. With sharp teeth and flexible bodies, rodents will chew and squeeze their way into your home before possibly destroying your stored goods, AC ducts, electrical wiring, and more. Unfortunately, rodents can also spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home, put you at risk of incurring the rabies virus, or introduce dangerous parasites to your property.

With their intelligence, sharp teeth, flexibility, and a high rate of reproduction, rodents can be very difficult to keep out of your home and even more difficult to get rid of. Here are some of the best ways to reduce rodent attractants around your property:

  • Clean regularly
  • Maintain the lawn properly
  • Declutter the low traffic areas of the home
  • Store food and trash properly

Even though these methods can reduce your chances of a rodent infestation, there’s not much you can do about one after it occurs. That’s why partnering with a HomeShield Pest Control rodent control expert will help you create and maintain a rodent-free property.

Since our technicians will lay out rodent trapping and monitoring devices, we will take care of any trapped rodents, eliminating your risk of incurring any sort of disease by contact. Plus, like all of our services, our rodent control packages in El Dorado Hills come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and regular follow-up appointments. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection before your rodent infestation puts your home and family in further danger.

Are The Cockroaches In El Dorado Hills Dangerous?

Cockroaches are among the nastiest bugs in the pest control world, but it’s not just their slimy outer coating that should gross you out. Since cockroaches spend a large majority of their time searching through dumpsters, landfills, and sewers for sources of food, they can spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home if they find a way to get in. They will also secrete pathogens as they move about that can cause allergic reactions and even turn your walls yellow, over time.

Since roaches are nocturnal and very skittish, they only come out at night when they are sure they will not encounter a human. That’s why seeing just one or two cockroaches throughout the day or night is a pretty good sign of a much more robust problem within your walls. Unfortunately, since roaches have a hardened outer shell that is also very flexible, they can squeeze through most of the cracks and crevices throughout your home, avoiding detection and any sort of DIY prevention methods.

That’s why you should call the pros at the first sign of an infestation. Our HomeShield Pest Control residential experts can eradicate roaches by getting to the source of the problem and regularly treating your home with preventative solutions. For the eco-friendly roach control services you need at the prices you want, give us a call today.

Specialty Services We Provide In El Dorado Hills, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide a variety of specialty pest control services, including the following options:

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