How HomeShield Pest Control Protects California Homes

Having a flea or tick problem is not just an occasional nuisance. These parasitic pests can cause itchy bites, hair loss, and even ongoing health problems for the people they feed on, including chronic illnesses and allergies. If left unchecked, fleas and ticks can dramatically reduce your quality of life.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we believe in the power of living a holistic life. Our eco-friendly and child-safe flea and tick solutions are designed to help your family get out of the woods safely without damaging the local environment.

Our Flea & Tick Control Process

HomeShield Pest Control uses a three-step approach to flea and tick treatments:

  1. Prior to our initial service, our technicians will inspect your property to determine conducive conditions and areas of flea and tick harborage. Once we make you aware of your options, we'll start work on a treatment right away.
  2. We'll apply fast-acting solutions to key areas of the yard, including the house, harborage areas, exterior landscape areas, and shaded areas.
  3. We want to ensure that all customers have the best possible experience with our crew. We offer year-round pest control treatments that stop fleas and ticks in their tracks, with additional inspections available.

Secure your home where it matters with help from HomeShield Pest Control. We're standing by to take your call!

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Our California Pest Control Services

In California, we provide reliable home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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Home Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control

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Prevention Steps For Fleas & Ticks

Getting rid of fleas and ticks with professional treatment is just the first step toward maintaining a pest-free home. In order to protect yourself and others from reinfestations, try following this list of helpful tips:

  • Fleas and ticks are attracted to lawns with a high amount of moisture nearby. Do what you can to drain standing puddles of water, trim the grass low, and remove tarps or toys that could be holding water; this will reduce habitat humidity and discourage biting pests from settling down.
  • Preventing pests from entering the home in the first place is also a good strategy. Make sure that doors close tightly, window screens are in great condition, and entryways have no cracks or holes where ticks or fleas can get in. Above all, caulk and seal doors and windows to ensure long-term safety.
  • Eliminate any opportunities for ticks and fleas to bite by treating your pets with the appropriate medicines. Be sure to apply repellents to yourself and your clothing when exploring overgrown areas.

A tick and flea-free home is a clean and safe space for everyone. If you need help identifying or treating pests, contact our professionals at HomeShield Pest Control today.

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HomeShield Pest Control is dedicated to the ongoing safety and security of your family, home, business, and pets. We offer a wide range of flea and tick services to fit all of your needs, matched to your environment. Whether you need advice on protecting your pets or flea and tick applications, our trained residential and commercial pest technicians in California can help.

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