Pest Control In Gifford, FL

Sandwiched between Sebastian and Vero Beach, Gifford is a small community with a strong history, but even Gifford is not immune to the pest pressures that face coastal Floridians. For the best in Indian River County pest control, you can trust the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control. 

Residential Pest Control In Gifford

The safety and protection of you and your family is the number one priority at HomeShield Pest Control. We use advanced eco-friendly products to safely keep pests away and offer a 100% Service Guarantee with every pest control service we offer. These services include:

  • Interior Inspection & Treatment: Included in every initial service and as needed moving forward. During this service, one of our technicians will inspect your home’s interior for any signs of pests, create an interior barrier to repel pests, and treat beneath sinks and other common breeding or entry points.
  • Exterior Inspection & Treatment: Included in every service, a technician will inspect the exterior of your home for entry points, migration paths, and harborage areas. We will also create a three-foot barrier around your home, remove spider webs and wasp nests, and treat doorways and window joints.
  • Garage Inspection & Treatment: Included in the initial service and as needed moving forward, this service mirrors our interior treatment for your outbuilding. 
  • Yard Inspection and Treatment: Included in every service, we will check for signs of infestation or harborage areas, remove spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests from play structures and sheds, treat cracks and crevices, treat around bushes and shrubs, granulate flower beds, and spot treat up to 30 feet from your home. 
  • Perimeter Inspection & Treatment: Depending on the size of your property, this is often included in every service. Our technicians will check for signs of infestation, migration paths, and harborage areas, as well as remove spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests from fences, and create a property barrier against your neighbors’ pests. 

When you schedule home pest control from HomeShield Pest Control, you are signing up for a thorough and customized treatment by a licensed and trained technician backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Call or fill out our online form today to get started with a free quote. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Gifford

Your home isn’t the only place that needs protection from pests. Businesses can be even more prone to pest infestations, and their consequences can be dire. At HomeShield Pest Control, we can act as your first line of defense by inspecting, identifying, and treating any existing infestation around your commercial facility. Our technicians will identify nesting sites, harborage areas, and entry points. Following this initial visit, our licensed technicians return for monthly follow-up visits to check for any issues and adapt treatments to changing seasons and any pest movement. 

Whether you run an apartment building, store, education facility, grocery store, medical building, warehouse, or anything in between, we can create a commercial pest control plan to work for you and your industry. We also offer specialty pest-specific control services upon request. No matter which plan you choose, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Four No-Sweat Mosquito Prevention Tips For Gifford Properties

Spending time in your yard can be one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy your property, but it doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to ruin your outdoor fun. And these buzzing insects are not just a nuisance. Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world because of the dangerous diseases they spread. The good news is there are things you can do to protect yourself from these dangerous and annoying pests, including:

  1. Eliminate sources of standing water. Mosquitoes breed in still or standing water, and it doesn’t take much to meet their needs. Small puddles or collected rainwater can be a nesting ground for new generations. Fix leaks, maintain plumbing, and dump out any water that has collected around your property.
  2. Don’t give mosquitoes a place to rest. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers and often rest in overgrown areas with long grass and untrimmed bushes. Keep your landscaping tidy to eliminate these resting spots. Additionally, you can run fans in outdoor seating areas to discourage mosquitoes.
  3. Plant carefully. Did you know that it is only the female mosquito that bites? She needs the nourishment found in the blood for her eggs. Both male and female mosquitoes survive on nectar. Avoiding plants mosquitoes feed on can help deter them from sticking around.
  4. Call on the professionals. The best and easiest way to minimize mosquitoes on your property is with help from a professional. This is especially true if you’ve tried the top three tips without success.

The experts at HomeShield Pest Control can provide you with effective mosquito control. Call today to request your free quote.

Six Signs Your Gifford Home May Have A Termite Problem

Often by the time you see signs of a termite problem, a lot of the damage has already occurred. The trick is to spot the signs of termites before they have a chance to do significant damage. Some of the most common ways to identify a termite infestation include:

  1. Mud tubes 
  2. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  3. Darkening or blistering wood
  4. Uneven or bubbling paint
  5. Small piles of feces that look like sawdust
  6. Termite swarmers or their wings

As you can see, many of these signs only become apparent after extensive damage. The best way to spot termites in your home is with a termite inspection from a professional. Save your home from damage and gain peace of mind with annual inspections from HomeShield Pest Control. Call today for your free termite control quote.