Premier Pest Control In St. Lucie, FL

St. Lucie is a small, quiet village located along Florida’s east coast. It is a primarily residential community that offers easy access to the water with its many slips and docks as well as some marine-oriented businesses to make water activities more accessible. But because of this close proximity to the water and the amount of heat that the area experiences, pest problems are never too far away. At HomeShield Pest Control, we understand the imminent pressure of pest problems, which is why we provide premier pest control for St. Lucie County that relies on eco-friendly products and methods. Our goal is to completely eliminate your pest troubles by getting to the root cause of them so that we can actively prevent them from returning. We want to make our customers happy and give them peace of mind, so everything that we do is guided by these tenants. To learn more about our offerings and receive your free quote, please call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In St. Lucie

Pest problems can be an issue in your St. Lucie home at any time during the year but they don’t have to be. At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide homeowners with ongoing support in order to keep a variety of pests away from season to season. All of our work is in service to keep your home safe and give you lasting relief from invaders like spiders, rodents, and centipedes. We perform detailed inspections at every visit and use eco-friendly treatments where they are needed. Some of the services that we provide during general pest control follow-ups include sweeping spider webs, granulating flower beds, and treating the areas beneath sinks. For more information on how we can protect your home with residential pest control, please call us today. 

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Commercial Pest Control In St. Lucie

A simple pest problem in your St. Lucie business can mean making your customers and employees uncomfortable but it can also mean exposing them to health risks or making your property unsafe. Rather than look unprofessional and put the community at risk, HomeShield Pest Control has the solution. We provide local businesses with exceptional pest control services that we tailor to their exact needs. Because we cover such a comprehensive list of pests, we’re equipped to address termites, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. When you call us, we begin by offering a total property inspection. One of our licensed pest experts will check the inside and outside of your business in order to determine the source of any infestations as well as conditions that could encourage future ones. We then prepare a treatment program that uses EcoSMART products and entails routine maintenance so that we can monitor our treatments and make any necessary changes. For more information on the benefits of commercial pest control, please call us today. 

Why You Cannot Afford To Ignore Rodent Problems In St. Lucie

Rodent problems are all too common for St. Lucie residents like yourself. These pests will loiter around your home and sometimes find their way inside because they seek shelter, water, and food. And though you might not always see them, rodents may be hard at work causing dangers in your home that you’re not aware of. One of the main reasons why you can’t afford to ignore rodents is because of the parasites that they may have brought along with them. Rodents commonly spread fleas and ticks, which can be dangerous to your wellbeing as well as any pets that you might have. Additionally, rodents carry health issues of their own, which they spread through droppings and saliva. Rodents are linked with lymphocytic choriomeningitis as well as salmonella, E. coli, and other issues. Lastly, letting rodent problems go unsolved only means that they will grow, with rats capable of having approximately 30 offspring a year and mice, nearly double that number. For more information on reliable rodent elimination, call HomeShield Pest Control today.

How Do I Know If I Have Termites In My St. Lucie Home?

Termites can be very sneaky pests when they’re busy at work inside of your St. Lucie home. Their main objective is to eat away at the wood around your property and build colonies inside of places like foundations, walls, and ceilings. While termites will eat away at wood 24/7 sometimes it takes years for their damage to become apparent. As a side effect of their work, some of the signs of termite damage might include:

  • Bubbling wallpaper and peeling paint
  • Issues with flooring, both wood and tiles
  • Ceilings that swell or sink
  • Wood that has a shredded or blistered appearance

Some of the additional signs of termite damage include: finding termite swarmers, which are the reproductive members of the colony that leave to start their own; tiny pinholes in wood; piles of frass, which is sawdust-like termite excrement; and the presence of mud tubes and mazes. If you notice any of these signs, contact HomeShield Pest Control today for more information on termite control