Not all guests are welcome ones, and that's exactly the case with pests in Los Angeles County – once these critters have made their way into your home, most of them aren't keen on leaving. Here are some of the most common pests that invade homes, what kind of issues they cause, how to naturally prevent them, and how home pest control and pest control in Los Angeles County can help you get rid of them.

Types Of Pests That Commonly Invade Homes

Speaking of the pests that you may find in your home throughout different times of the year, here's a quick list of Los Angeles County's most common home invaders:

  • Ants: Ants are a nuisance, and some species can spread bacteria or even cause structural damage to your home if the infestation goes untreated. 
  • Bed bugs: Bed bugs can leave itchy red bumps behind, but they can be easy to miss because they're most active at night and tend to be smaller in size. 
  • Cockroaches: Regardless of the type of roach, these critters tend to be resistant to pesticides and may enter your home to avoid the cold. 
  • Fleas: While they may be difficult to spot with the naked eye, fleas can feed on people and animal hosts, and infestations start easily inside Los Angeles County homes. 
  • Ticks: Ticks can carry various diseases and can even be active during the winter or colder months. 
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes can be one of the most annoying parts of Los Angeles County's summer, and since they can carry mosquito-borne diseases, these pests are more than just a nuisance. 
  • Rodents: From house mice to roof rats and brown rats, rodents can invade your Los Angeles County home just about any time of the year. 
  • Spiders: While spiders may be more visible during the warmer months because it's typically their mating season, these creepy critters can still pop up during the wintertime as well. 
  • Termites: In addition to causing plenty of property damage, termites don't take a break to hibernate during the winter or any other part of the year. 

Regardless of the type of pest targeting your home, it is important to keep them out.

a rat in a shed

The Dangers Pests Bring To Your Home

While each pest comes with its own set of problems, here's a quick rundown of some of the biggest problems that these critters can cause when they invade your home: 

  • Many pests are capable of spreading bacteria or disease, including cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes, and even rodents.
  • Pests like termites and rodents can also cause significant property damage to your home.
  • Some pests, like bed bugs, ticks, or mosquitoes, may even try to feed on your blood and can leave itchy red bites behind. 

Whether they are a threat to your health, your property, or simply your sanity, keeping pests out of your Los Angeles County home needs to be a top priority.

Natural Pest Prevention Tips

While there are specific ways to prevent each pest, following these general guidelines can be a great start to keeping your Los Angeles County home pest-free:

  • Use sanitary practices when it comes to storing leftovers, dealing with trash, or using compost piles.
  • Don't leave dirty dishes sitting in your sink for long periods of time as these can have food remnants on them.
  • Use caulk, expanding foam, or another sealant to block off those tiny cracks and crevices that give pests a way into your home.
  • Keep your home organized and prevent clutter, including stacks of newspapers and storage boxes that can provide hiding spaces for pests.
  • Don't leave obstructed gutters, leaky pipes, or other moisture problems unaddressed on your property.
  • Try to keep your yard free of debris and regularly keep up with lawn maintenance, like mowing the lawn or trimming shrubs and tree branches.
  • If you're buying secondhand furniture or appliances, make sure you inspect these items for signs of termites, roaches, or bed bugs before you bring them into your home.

Along with the tips above, another helpful tip to keep your home pest-free is to work with a pest control professional to perform annual inspections.

The Best Form Of Pest Protection For Your Home

Whether you're trying to combat existing pest infestations with home care pest control or you're looking for more guidance on how you can prevent these pests in the first place, there's only one call to make: HomeShield Pest Control. As a family-owned business with a reputation that speaks for itself, we can put our experience and effective pest treatments to good use in your Los Angeles County home.

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