We have a variety of wasps species in Orange County, but only two types to consider: Solitary and social wasps. A solitary wasp is a wasp that does not work together with other wasps to create and protect a nest. This type of wasp is considered a low threat. It is only when several solitary wasps create nests in the same area that they become a concern.

A social wasp is a wasp that establishes a nest with many drones. These drones actively protect the nest if it is threatened by swarming and attacking what they perceive to be the threat. If you have a nest of social wasps on your property, they can be quite dangerous. The more nests you have, and the larger the nests, the more dangerous those wasps can be. Let's look at a few more factors that can make wasps more (or less) dangerous.

a wasp in a home in orange county

Ground Nests

The most common stinging insects that create ground nests are yellow jackets. These ground nests can be dangerous because the vibration of children running in the yard or a lawnmower can set these wasps off. Yellow jackets don't just swarm; they're known to give chase as well. Some pest control technicians have had these wasps follow their vehicle for over a mile! Needless to say, you do not want to have yellow jackets establishing ground nests in your yard. You can mitigate this threat slightly by inspecting your yard and filling in any ground holes.

Void Nests

Yellow jackets don't just create nests in ground holes and ground voids, they can create nests in the voids of homes. Paper wasps, which are another common type of social wasp in our area, can do this as well, though most of the time you'll find paper wasps' nests attached to the outside of structures. If wasps establish a nest in a void of your soffits, walls, ceiling, or floors, these insects could start appearing inside your home. If they start pouring out into a closed space, it could lead to significant harm.

You need to also consider other structures on your property. A shed is a good example of this. If wasps create a nest inside your shed, you could have a very unpleasant surprise when you open your shed door to get something out. The vibrations are sure to set those wasps off. You can mitigate the threat of void nests by sealing every entry point you see on the exterior of the structures on your property. Look for signs of wasp activity as you go. If you see wasps going in and out of a hole, that is a clear indication that there is a nest inside.

No Nests

If you don't have nests on your property, wasps aren't going to be nearly as dangerous. When away from their nests, even social wasps are mostly docile. One of the best ways to reduce the danger that wasps present is to catch nests early and remove them. In most cases, this is best done by a licensed professional. Nest detection is one of those things that can be put on the back burner. When you invest in an ongoing pest control plan for your Orange County home, you don't have to remember to do inspections. You also don't have to deal with whatever you find. Wasps can be painful pests to control—quite literally. It is far better to let a pest professional handle this type of problem.  

Insect Allergies

When it comes to how dangerous a wasp in Orange County can be, you have to consider stinging insect allergies. It only takes one wasp sting to cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. This can result in seizures, shock, and even death. Fortunately, this response is extremely rare, but it is still important to be aware that wasps can be deadly to you or someone you love who has an allergy. It is also important to understand that this allergy can develop later in life. It is wise to have an allergist check you if you have been noticing wasps on your property.

Orange County Wasp Control

If you live in Orange County, then you are in our service area. If you are dealing with a problem with hornets, wasps, or yellow jackets, reach out to HomeShield Pest Control for professional stinging insect control and wasp nest removal services. It pays to have routine visits from one of our licensed pest professionals. Not only will wasp nests be caught early and dealt with appropriately, but you'll also get coverage for many other pests that present a threat to your health, safety, and property.

We provide the protection you need to keep pests out of your home and reduce pest populations around your home. Life is better when you invest in an effective pest control plan. Let our team guide you toward the right solution for your specific needs and budget. Learn more about how we do pest control by viewing our catalog services. We also provide expert commercial pest management services for businesses experiencing pest problems. If you're dealing with stinging insects or other pests, give us a call!