Pigeons in Riverside are troublesome pests. They can create unwanted noises, leave droppings in many places (including the roof of your car), damage building materials when they roost, and cause machinery to malfunction. So what can you do about pesky pigeons? Join us as we look at how to detect nests, how to evaluate a pigeon problem, some of the challenges of tackling bird control with pigeon control devices, and what methods work best to get control of birds. If you've been dealing with pigeons and are at the end of your rope, remember that help is only a few clicks away. HomeShield Pest Control provides advanced solutions for pest control in Riverside. We can help you find a solution to your pigeon problem that will give you long-lasting and sustainable results. We use non-lethal pigeon control to control pigeons. Those pretty birds will be encouraged to go somewhere else.

a pigeon perched on a windowsill

How Can I Tell If The Nest On My Roof Is A Pigeon Nest?

It is often challenging to detect pigeon nests because these smart Riverside birds establish their nests in protected locations. If you see a nest, you're more likely to think it is a pile of debris rather than a nest. Pigeons make tangled nests out of tiny twigs, grass stems, straw, thatch, leaves, pine needles, and roots. In the center of a pigeon nest is a hollow spot where the bird sits and lays its eggs. You may even see an egg sitting in a nest. That is a sure sign that it isn't just a random pile of organic materials.

Over time, nests are used repeatedly by pigeons in Riverside, and the droppings of the offspring are not removed. They create a paste that is like a mortar, holding the nest materials together. Pigeon droppings are white, so you may detect this fecal matter in the construct.

Look for nests under roof soffit intersections (RSIs), on ledges, and inside damaged areas of your soffits. There are two primary criteria pigeons consider. They want to build a nest on a flat surface that is protected from rain and wind.

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases That Are Harmful To My Family?

It is tough to answer this question. Are pigeons a disease threat? Yes. But adults with a strong immune system rarely get sick from exposure. The risk is to children and those with a compromised immune system, though we recommend always wearing a respirator when cleaning up pigeon droppings and nests.

The diseases associated with pigeons are Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis. Check out information pages available through the CDC for detailed information about these diseases. But keep in mind that the risk is low if you wear protective clothing and gear and have a strong immune system.

A greater concern with pigeons is not the disease threat but other subtle risks that are typically misunderstood. Let's take a look at a few of these.

  • Slipping hazard. Pigeon feces are water resistant. When pigeons leave their droppings on walkways or grass, they present a slipping hazard during and after it rains or when sprinklers come on to water the lawn.
  • Bacteria. Pigeons are often called flying rats. The reason is that a pigeon is as much of a scavenger as a rat. They get into dumpsters, trash receptacles, and junk piles. They even feed on compost. In these places, they pick up harmful bacteria. If they walk over an outdoor surface and someone sits on that spot, the person may pick up salmonella or some other microorganism associated with human illness.
  • Damage. Pigeons have acid droppings that can deteriorate building materials such as concrete. If you have to spend money on costly repairs, you may have to take that money from other sources that benefit your family. In a way, this is harmful, though not directly.

There is more we could say on this topic, but you have all you need. Our goal is simply to motivate you to take the necessary measures to control pigeons in Riverside. Here's why.

It's Extremely Difficult To Get Rid Of Pest Birds On Your Own

Pigeon control is fraught with difficulty. There are a few reasons why. Some are likely to surprise you. Let's take a quick look.

  • Pigeons are smart. There are few animals that are as smart as pigeons. These birds learn how to open motion exterior doors by pecking on buttons humans push to open those doors. They aren't easily fooled by trickery that can deter other birds, such as fake snakes and owls. You can keep your scare tactics in the closet. These birds will quickly figure out what is real and what is fake. 
  • Pigeons fly. You can't walk around your home, apply a few gadgets, and call it a day. You have to get the ladder out, climb up and down, and risk the chance that you may fall. You also have to get on your roof where slipping and falling can result in serious injury. 
  • Bird control requires elbow grease. Along with climbing ladders, you need to use a hammer, screw gun, and other tools to install bird control products. 
  • Bird control requires specialized knowledge. If you have the drive and muscle to do the work, you may lack the knowledge to properly install bird control products. If you miss a spot or leave a gap, a pigeon will let you know it. Installation of shock tracks, bird netting, solar panel exclusions, or bird spikes is often tricky.
  • It is easy to select the wrong product. Licensed professionals are trained in bird control and use appropriate products for each species to avoid unexpected results, such as pigeons roosting in bird spikes. Bird spikes are a form of scare tactic, but a determined pigeon isn't going to let those spikes scare him away. If a licensed professional applies bird spikes as a deterrent for pigeons, they will use them strategically, such as on slopes.

Are you dealing with pigeons on your Riverside property? Are pigeons driving you crazy? We understand. But they can drive you even crazier when you try to control them yourself, and they outsmart you. You're a human. You aren't supposed to be outsmarted by a bird! But don't worry; we have a way for you to avoid the hassle and frustration of pigeons, with our effective home and commercial pest control services in Riverside.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Property

Let's end by looking at the bird control solutions we mentioned above. There are many ways to manage pigeons. The four used most often are shock tracks, bird netting, solar panel exclusions, bird spikes, and slopes

  • Shock Tracks: It may sound mean to shock a poor pigeon, but shock tracks have a mild current. They don't actually shock pigeons, they just annoy them until they go away. Shock tracks are great because they aren't easily seen and don't hurt your curb appeal. There is also no way for pigeons to outsmart them. When a pigeon tries to roost on your roofline or ledges, they'll get a gentle encouragement to move on.
  • Bird Netting: While complicated to install, bird netting is effective at keeping pigeons out of potential nest locations or critical zones where they can drop their waste on sensitive surfaces in your backyard, such as a grill or picnic table. If installed properly, bird netting is not something a pigeon can outsmart. Unfortunately, there are many ways to install netting incorrectly. Then you'll have to get up there, tear it down, and install it again.
  • Solar Panel Exclusions: When pigeons look for a flat location that has protection from the elements, they can get underneath solar panels. These panels are expensive, so it is essential to keep pigeons out. Solar panel exclusions are perfect for this scenario. If you have a roof with a subtle pitch, you could install these exclusions yourself. It isn't a hard job. But on a steeply pitched roof, it is best to hire a professional. Your HomeShield Pest Control technician uses safety gear, training, and experience to prevent on-the-job injuries.
  • Bird Spikes: In certain circumstances, bird spikes can deter pigeons, but it takes training and experience to know when to use the devices and where to place them for the best pigeon control.
  • Slopes: Pigeons don't prefer to build their nests on sloped surfaces. They're also not inclined to perch on sloped surfaces. Adding a slope to potential roosting locations can significantly deter pigeons.
  • Exclusions: Sometimes, the best solution is simply to remove entry points that pigeons may use to get into voids and interior spaces. You can block access by installing nets, or by using other materials to patch openings, materials such as hardware cloth. It's hard work. But the work is definitely worth it. 

Are you having trouble with pigeons or other pest birds in Riverside? Let HomeShield Pest Control inspect your Riverside home, evaluate your pest bird problem, and offer advice. Our technicians have the handyman skills and pest control knowledge to properly control smart birds, like pigeons. Reach out to us today to schedule a visit. We look forward to helping you make your pigeon problems a thing of the past.