While most people associate bed bugs with homes and residential areas, it’s a common misconception that bed bugs only end up in actual houses. While they may prefer beds and mattresses, these pests aren’t picky about where they infest  – and that includes most Los Angeles businesses

Having a bed bug infestation in your business can put both customers and employees at risk  – here’s what business owners should know about how bed bugs get around and where they’re often found, what the signs of a bed bug infestation look like in a business setting, and what you can do if you suspect your Los Angeles business may be infested. 

bed bug after a meal

How Do Bed Bugs Get Around And Where Are They Found?

While some pests may enter your home on their own, bed bugs are one of the few critters that get picked up when you go somewhere that has an existing infestation. While bed bugs can live almost anywhere that has regular human activity  – like airports, hotels, homes, and even public transportation  – they do prefer homes that have actual beds. 

However, bed bugs aren’t picky, so gyms, libraries, offices, and any other business where there are people is enough for these critters to survive in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot for a bed bug infestation to start in a business setting. Most of the time, all it takes is one employee or customer with bed bugs to bring them into your building. These pests may congregate in common areas, like lunch and break rooms, where there’s furniture for people to sit on. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation At A Business?

While you may be familiar with what a bed bug infestation looks like in a home, the signs can be different for businesses  – but here are some warning signs that you could have bed bugs in your building: 

  • Look for live or dead bugs: One of the most obvious signs of a bed bug problem is finding live or dead bugs around your building. Bed bugs are small, usually only the size of an apple seed, but still visible. These critters may also leave behind discarded skin, eggs, and egg shells as signs of their presence. 
  • Rust-colored and dark stains on walls and furniture: Even if you’re not seeing live bugs around the office, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an infestation. You may find rust-colored stains on furniture, chairs, or even the walls of your building. These stains can come from bed bug excrement or the bodies of crushed bed bugs.
  • Itchy, red welts: While it’s not unusual to get the occasional bug bite, it can be a warning sign if you’re constantly getting bug bites after a day in the office, especially during the colder months. Check for itchy, red welts after work, but you can also ask employees to report if they’re getting itchy bug bites from work too. 
  • Keep up with infested employees: In an office setting, bed bugs may spread to your business through an employee that already has an existing infestation. To catch infestations early or before they even start, you can ask employees to report any bed bug infestations they have at home. Keeping up with infested employees will allow you to take the necessary steps if there is an infestation in the office. 

How To Completely Prevent Bed Bugs In Los Angeles, CA

While bed bug infestations are never fun, they can be especially troublesome in a business setting. Not only can they deter customers from your business if they find out you have bed bugs, but it can also unsettle employees – or even put your normal work routine on hold until these pests are gone. 

Since business owners have no time to waste, there’s only one way to completely prevent (and eliminate) bed bugs from your business: with professional assistance from HomeShield Pest Control. We offer complete and total pest control, and our results are always guaranteed. If you’ve got reason to believe that your business may have a bed bug problem, there’s no time to waste. Call us today at HomeShield Pest Control to schedule an inspection or to learn more about how our bed bug control services work.