Professional Pest Control In Brentwood, CA

The cherries, corn, and peaches of eastern San Diego Bay are some of the most savored agricultural products in the world. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Brentwood home and business owners, this specific niche continues to thrive. This town is well-known and loved throughout Contra Costa County, and attracts tourists, visitors, and long-term residents for many reasons. Brentwood is one of the most rapidly growing areas of San Diego, rising 121% between 2000 and 2010, and another 21% between 2010 and 2016.

Fast growth can be a good thing for business owners, local economies, and all those who rely on this. However, it can also spell opportunity for pest species of all kinds. Here in Brentwood, there are three primary species of pests: termites, cockroaches, and rodents. Without proper control mechanisms in place, these creatures can produce devastating effects on properties, both inside and out.

For more than 10 years and counting, the professional team at HomeShield Pest Control has been creating new opportunities for pest safety in Brentwood, CA. We provide commercial and residential pest control services for pests of any caliber, including insects, mammals, and pest birds. To learn more about what HomeShield Pest Control could do for your home or business, please call your local Brentwood branch.

Residential Pest Control In Brentwood, CA

HomeShield Pest Control offers 100% green residential pest control plans for Brentwood homes and families.

Our insecticides were made using all-natural ingredients, destroying pests while encouraging your landscaping to survive and thrive.

We don’t just believe our products work—we guarantee it. If your home continues to experience pest problems after our treatment, we’ll come back to retreat it for free.

Thinking about getting residential pest control for your Brentwood, CA home? See how the HomeShield difference could change your outlook on pests by calling us right away.

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Commercial Pest Control In Brentwood, CA

Hundreds of local Brentwood businesses trust HomeShield Pest Control to deliver timely solutions to their pressing pest concerns. Our professional team of highly qualified pest experts delivers quality solutions with speed, knowledge, and friendly discretion. We understand the pressures that your business could be facing and want to help you in any way possible.

Here’s what our average commercial pest control plans look like:

  • Treatment of the inside of your business 
  • Treatment of the exterior portion of buildings 
  • Applying product in garages or storage areas 
  • Treating any cracks or expansion joints inside concrete 
  • Adding bait granules to landscaped areas to prevent additional problems

Secure your commercial pest control plan with HomeShield Pest Control by calling your Brentwood office now.

What Brentwood Homeowners Need To Know About Termite Control

Termites are often extremely dangerous members of Brentwood’s local fauna. Here are five of the most important termite factors that all Brentwood homeowners should know about:

  1. Termites cause over 5 billion dollars worth of property damage each year. This is primarily done by weakening the bones or structures of homes, consequently pulling them to the ground. 
  2. Termites do not require rest, sleep, or relaxation. Because of this, they are free to consume wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
  3. The vast majority of termite infestations go unseen until it is too late. Termites do not make any sound or create any noise apart from some light tapping in the walls, which is often an indicator of a large infestation. 
  4. The average termite colony size is around 60,000 members. Other colonies have been known to be much larger than this. 
  5. Termites will produce alates, or mature reproductive adults, at least once per year. These termites will create new colonies wherever they choose to settle down. This could lead to more than one termite colony living around your home.

Termite infestations are tough. Fortunately for Brentwood homeowners, so is the team at HomeShield Pest Control. Have your home checked for potential termite vectors by scheduling your professional termite inspection today. Get in touch with us to learn more about the termite inspections and termite control plans we offer in Brentwood.

Are The Cockroaches In Brentwood Dangerous?

Since cockroaches are such a common sight around Brentwood, many home and business owners fail to realize just how serious these pests can be. There are three primary species of cockroaches found around local properties: the American roach, the German roach, and the Oriental roach. While each of these species takes on unique colors and attributes, many of their primary characteristics remain the same. This includes their six legs, folded wings, and ability to spread disease.

Cockroaches in Brentwood are extremely dangerous, and have been known to transmit the following pathogens:

  • Parasite species 
  • E. coli 
  • Salmonella 
  • Bacteria 
  • Viruses 

If you think or know that cockroaches could be invading your Brentwood home, seek professional help immediately. The team at HomeShield Pest Control would be happy to complete a cockroach inspection at a time convenient for you. Contact us now for more information about our Brentwood, CA cockroach control services.

Pest Control Services We Provide In Brentwood, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide multiple services for both residential and commercial properties, including:

Pests We Treat Against

HomeShield Pest Control’s eco-friendly pest control service solutions for residential and commercial customers in Brentwood, California specialize and guard against ants, rats, mice, spiders, black widows, earwigs, silverfish, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, millipedes, centipedes, and more!

Don't Do It Yourself When It Comes To Bed Bug Infestations In Brentwood

Every home deserves effective bed bug control. Unfortunately, bed bugs are so easy to pick up, it really is only a matter of time before every home experiences an infestation. When this happens, most people are tempted to try some over-the-counter products to try and get rid of them, but this is not recommended. These pests are one of the most difficult to get rid of, meaning a professional is almost always needed. Below are some reasons why you should leave bed bug control to the pros:

  • It’s almost impossible to get rid of every bug. Just a few bed bugs left behind is enough for them to continue reproducing and restart an infestation, so in order to permanently remove bed bugs, you must know where each and every bug is located when treating the issue. 
  • They reproduce fast. These pests are one of the many types that reproduce very quickly, making it hard to get ahead of an infestation. As stated above, a very small amount of bed bugs left in your home could mean that they continue to reproduce, starting the infestation all over again.
  • Treat more than just your bed. Another reason bed bugs don’t seem to go away is because you must treat more than just your mattress. In fact, they can be hiding in at least a dozen other spots, making them very hard to eradicate on your own unless you know where to look and have the tools needed to treat them in that capacity. 
  • Bed bugs are very resilient: Unfortunately, much like cockroaches, bed bugs are their own kind of resilient. They are often able to survive the chemicals in store-bought pesticides, rendering your own methods useless.

At HomeSheild Pest Control, we specialize in providing prompt, effective treatments for bed bugs, ensuring the entire infestation is destroyed so that it doesn’t spring back up. Armed with the most advanced tools on the professional market, our technicians work quickly and get your home back to normal in no time. Don’t take these pests on by yourself. Call us for help today!

Why Brentwood Homeowners Should Consider Rodent Control

One of the most common pests in Brentwood is rodents. Almost every homeowner has a run-in with them at one point or another. Much like with bed bugs, it can be tempting to try and resolve the issue on your own, especially since there are so many over-the-counter products available for rodents. However, these methods are usually ineffective, and still expose you to rodent feces, urine, and nesting materials, which can make you incredibly ill. Below are some of the illnesses you can contract by just being exposed to these pests:

  • Hantavirus: This illness is spread as rodent urine and feces turn to dust, which spreads the infected particles in the air. You can contract this illness simply by breathing it in. Symptoms include fever, chills, and aches and pains. If left untreated, Hantavirus can cause severe shortness of breath and can progress to kidney failure.
  • Salmonella: This common disease, spread by all rodents, is a serious food poisoning illness that causes a fever, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.. As these pests scurry across your counters, or anywhere you store or prepare food, anyone who eats in your home can contract this disease. 
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV): This disease can cause severe neurological problems in humans and you can contract it by simply being exposed to mouse droppings, urine, saliva, or nesting materials. To make matters worse, all rodents are capable of spreading it.

Rodents are responsible for the worst pandemic in human history -- the Bubonic Plague. (A disease they are still capable of spreading today). You don't have to put yourself and your family at risk of contracting an illness -- contact the rodent control professionals at HomeShield Pest Control for help today!

All The Ways You Attract Wasps To Your Brentwood Yard

Every Brentwood homeowner should know how to keep wasps away. The first step to keeping them out of your yard is to understand what attracts them in the first place. Take a look at your outdoor space and take note if any of the following are present:

  • Holes in the ground: Locate any depressions or holes in the ground first. These make ideal spaces for all types of wasps to build a nest.
  • Trash bins: Check to see if your garbage cans are properly secured. Wasps are extremely attracted to garbage, especially food waste, and can be found buzzing around any easily-accessible trash bins.
  • Food waste: In addition to securing your bins, all types of wasps are on the lookout for easily-accessible food waste. They find meats, sugary foods, and sweet foods to be the most appealing, and having food scraps (or fruit from trees) in your yard will likely draw in a swarm.

If are wondering how to keep wasps away permanently this summer, consider reaching out to the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control. Our expert technicians will pinpoint the conducive conditions that attract wasps to your property, treat the existing infestation, and then implement proven prevention strategies to keep them from returning. Get back to enjoying your yard this summer and call today!

What You Need To Know About Spiders In Brentwood

Nobody wants to find spiders in their home, regardless of whether they are dangerous or just a common house spider. The good news is that prevention strategies for common house spiders will also work for dangerous types here in Brentwood. Below are some of the most common things homeowners can do to reduce their risk of a spider infestation

  • Limit lighting. while spiders don’t particularly enjoy the light, their prey does. Areas with lots of lighting will attract other types of insects, which will, in turn, attract the spiders, since this is easily-accessible food.
  • Clean. Sweep away existing cobwebs throughout your attic, basement, and garage. Wipe up dust and dirt, and maintain the cleanliness of your home. Ensure to clear away clutter and better organize your items so that spiders don’t want to hide and spin webs among them. Properly dispose of all garbage and remove it from your home promptly
  • Seal up your house. HomeShield Pest Control can apply our expert knowledge of spider and insect behavior and ensure that all possible entryways into your home have been properly sealed up, preventing insects from entering and spiders from following them.

Because there are dangerous types of spiders here in Brentwood, we recommend you have an expert come out and handle any spiders you might find in your home. Don’t run the risk of being bitten -- have the professionals from HomeShield Pest Control take care of this for you today!