Trusted Pest Solutions In La Mirada, CA

Located in the southeastern reaches of Los Angeles County, La Mirada is known for its upscale homes and close proximity to many of the main attractions that draw people to the City of Angels. But even nice homes can fall victim to a pest infestation, which is why local property owners need to partner with pest control experts for full protection. For Los Angeles County pest control in La Mirada, learn how HomeShield Pest Control can help you today.

Residential Pest Control In La Mirada, CA

It’s perfectly natural to want to deal with problems on your property on your own, but with pest infestations, you should really leave it to the experts.

For one, pests are harder to fully eliminate than most people realize. Pests are good at hiding, so the population you see around your home is only a fraction of the larger problem. For another, DIY elimination methods are largely ineffective and can even do more harm than good.

With professional pest control, you know you’re getting solutions that actually work and are actually safe. Here’s how HomeShield Pest Control can provide you with the best residential pest control for your buck:

  • Eco-Smart Technology: We use patented green technology to ensure that our treatments are good for you and for the environment.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our services, we come back out to your property and don’t charge to keep attacking the problem.
  • Initial Service Discount: If you’re a first-time customer, we give you an extra discount as a reward for turning to the best local pest control money can buy.

For residential pest control in La Mirada, contact HomeShield Pest Control today.

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Commercial Pest Control In La Mirada, CA

Running a business is all about reducing costs while boosting revenues. While people tend to focus on the direct products and services that relate to your main business operations, a lot of commercial property owners forget about the fact that pest infestations can lead to big costs and even impact your revenue.

Pest problems can cause property damage and health problems, both of which are costly. But as word of an infestation on your property spreads, people are less likely to be clients of your business. This is why proper commercial pest control in La Mirada is such an important investment.

Here’s how HomeShield Pest Control can help your La Mirada business:

  • Interior Inspections: We know the places where pests tend to hide, we thoroughly check the inside of your business for signs of pest activity or the things that attract them. 
  • Exterior Inspections: But pest populations tend to form outdoors first, which is why thoroughly check your yard, out-buildings, and other areas where pest infestations tend to begin. 
  • Treatments: From there, we develop a plan of attack to eliminate existing pest populations and protect you from future invasion. 

Don’t risk the damage to your bottom line, turn to HomeShield Pest Control for commercial pest control that keeps your property safe. 

Three Tricks To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your La Mirada Home

No one wants to deal with bed bug bites. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a lot more common than most people realize. Part of that is due to the fact that very few people know all the ways they can introduce bed bugs into their homes. Plus, many people try to deal with an infestation on their own, which leads to botched attempts that cause the problem to come right back.

That’s why you should turn directly to the experts if an infestation does strike your La Miranda home. Before then, here are the aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Used Items: Bed bugs can infest a wide range of items, not just mattresses and sheets. They can also be inside of used items like furniture, clothing, and containers.
  2. Hotspots: Bed bugs gather where people gather. That means that hotspots of transportation and lodging are also places where people can pick up bed bugs - hotels, transit stations, and other public spaces.
  3. Inspections: The only way to fully root out a bed bug population is to have a trained professional search your home. Don’t try to deal with it yourself, contact HomeShield Pest Control immediately.

Don’t suffer itchy bed bug bites in your sleep. Contact HomeShield Pest Control today for safe and effective bed bug removal

Are Termites In La Mirada Harmful To Humans?

Even though termites eat wood and tend to keep to themselves, they are actually considered some of the most dangerous pests to strike La Mirada homes. The destruction that termite damage can cause to a structure often leads to roof and wall collapses, which are obviously unsafe for anyone who happens to be living inside when the collapse happens. Plus, termites aren’t a pest that people can easily deal with on their own, because termite colonies tend to form deep underground where typical products can’t reach them and where inexperienced homeowners don’t think to check.

This is why you should immediately contact the experts for early termite prevention and prompt termite control treatments in La Mirada. At HomeShield Pest Control, we can protect you from termite damage before it’s an overwhelming concern. Don’t wait for termites to be chewing through your walls before you bother to think about the risk they pose, contact HomeShield Pest Control to get started today.

Pest Control Services We Provide In La Mirada, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide multiple services for both residential and commercial properties, including:

Pests We Treat Against

HomeShield Pest Control’s eco-friendly pest control service solutions for residential and commercial customers in La Mirada, California specialize and guard against ants, rats, mice, spiders, black widows, earwigs, silverfish, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, millipedes, centipedes, and more!