Mosquito Control To Protect Your Florida Home Or Business

When you think about mosquitoes in Florida, you may think about how annoying they are or how itchy they can make you when they bite. You might wish there weren’t so many on your Florida property, but you probably don’t give much thought to the more dangerous aspects of having mosquitoes around.

Although mosquitoes are undoubtedly one of the greatest nuisance pests on the planet, they are also one of the most dangerous. In fact, mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths in a year worldwide than any other creature. They spread many diseases through their bites, and if you’d like to avoid getting sick, you need to avoid getting bitten. To avoid getting bitten, you need to figure out a way to get the majority of mosquitoes out of the places you spend the most time.

To eliminate mosquitoes from your property, you need mosquito control services from your local pest professionals at HomeShield Pest Control. We offer premium mosquito treatments throughout Florida. Contact our mosquito control experts today and request a free quote!

Our Florida Mosquito Control Process


Identifying what areas of your property are conducive to mosquitoes is important in providing effective mosquito pest control in Florida. We’ll visit your Florida home to inspect shaded areas, standing water, and other opportune conditions.

Once we’ve had a chance to review your property thoroughly, we’ll meet with you to make recommendations about what you can do to reduce the mosquito populations on your lawn. Cutting back tree limbs and bushes will reduce the areas where adult mosquitoes can rest on your property. Eliminating areas of standing water such as birdbaths, overturned children’s toys, and clogged gutters will reduce the available breeding grounds for mosquitoes, greatly reducing their overall numbers.


After completing our inspection and making our recommendations, we’ll treat your property for mosquitoes. We use a backpack fogger, focusing on shaded areas, the underside of leaves, bushes, and shrubs. Our process has a residual effect that provides lasting results for several weeks after the treatment.

Follow Up

Our mosquito control treatment is a seasonal service. We will return to your property on a monthly basis during the season when mosquitoes are at their worst to re-treat, helping to keep mosquito populations low all season long.

tech spraying around house for mosquitos

Where Will I Find Mosquitoes Near My Home?

While mosquitoes may access your Florida home through ripped or torn screens or other openings, they are more likely to be pests outside the home. Female mosquitoes require a small amount of water in order to lay eggs. If you have standing water on your property, tall or overgrown grass, or are in an area that attracts mosquito activity; you are likely to have a mosquito problem.

Standing water can accumulate in any of the following objects:

  • Birdbaths
  • Buckets
  • Flowerpots
  • Gutters
  • Pet food bowls
  • Swimming pools
  • Tires

If you notice mosquitoes swarming near these objects in your yard, immediately call HomeShield Pest Control to get mosquito populations under control.

Take Back Your Florida Home From Mosquitoes

Enjoying your yard can be one of the best ways to relax, but there is nothing relaxing about spending your time outside swatting away mosquitoes. Florida residents know how harmful mosquitoes in our area can be, and keeping your property pleasant and safe requires keeping it as mosquito-free as possible. HomeShield Pest Control can help with our effective Mosquito Control services. Our local pest experts are at your service with mosquito prevention measures designed to protect your property and keep mosquitoes away all year long! We offer several effective home and commercial pest control services throughout Florida. Get back to enjoying your yard by contacting us today.