When spiders get into some Los Angeles County homes, they're met with extreme repercussions. Some residents have zero tolerance for these eight-legged pests. Unfortunately, the products people often use to kill spiders are actually more dangerous than the spiders themselves. At HomeShield Pest Control, we encourage residents to consider natural ways to keep spiders out.

If control products are needed, let a licensed professional select appropriate products and apply them according to trusted safety guidelines. This is the best option for spider pest control in Los Angeles. If you don't have a fear of spiders, or you have some tolerance for them, you'll find some great information here. Let's take a look at common spiders in Los Angeles, how concerned you should be, and what natural methods work to keep them out of your home.

Types Of Spiders In Los Angeles County

We have a few types of spiders in our areas that commonly get into homes. Some get in by accident and then go right back out, but some get in and stay permanently.

All of these spiders are generally referred to as common house spiders. They are the American house spider, long-bodied cellar spider, jumping spider, brown recluse spider, sac spider, black widow spider, false widow, tarantula, and wolf spider.

a black widow spider in its web in a basement

Are Spiders Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

Human fatalities associated with spiders are extremely rare. The two types of spiders that are considered medically important are recluse spiders and widow spiders. The last recorded death from a recluse was in 2004 and the last record death from a black widow was in 1983. In most cases, a bite from a spider will just feel like a pinprick or a bee sting.

Some spiders aren't able to bite people because their fangs are too weak. You don't need to fear spiders. There is even less reason for fear if you apply natural spider prevention and exercise caution in areas where spiders may be. It also helps to shake clothing, towels, and footwear before use.

Five Natural Spider Prevention Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of spiders and spider bites, you should feel more comfortable to apply these natural spider prevention tips:

  1. If you don't want spiders in your house, the first, and most obvious solution is to seal entry points in your exterior. This process is called exclusion. The tools for this job are a caulking gun, expanding foam, a foundation repair kit, and protective items. Seal gaps around utilities. Replace weatherstripping, door sweeps, and damaged screens. Fill in wood holes and gaps. Cover exhaust vents with screen material.  
  2. If you have fewer spiders near your home, you'll have fewer spiders accidentally finding entry points you've missed. Remove spider webs. This deters spiders from creating new webs in the area and can potentially remove hundreds of eggs which are hidden in tiny egg sacs. 
  3. If you have fewer spiders in your yard, you'll have less trouble with spiders near your home. Spiders hide in yard clutter. Remove stuff from your lawn that doesn't need to be out there. Rake leaves away from your home and blow leaves out of your landscaping. Move stacked wood and branch piles away from your exterior. 
  4. If you have lots of insects in your yard, you're going to have lots of spiders. Spiders eat insects. Use natural prevention for insects to reduce this food source that makes spiders want to live in your yard. Put trash in covered containers. Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights. Address flowering weeds in your lawn. Stay on top of pet waste clean-up. Clean out any blockages in your gutter system and make sure rainwater is able to flow down and away from your home. Keep your landscaping trimmed and free of dense vegetation. Water your plants in the early morning to allow the sun to dry the moisture. Trim tree canopy in areas that get dense shade.   
  5. When more control is needed, don't forget that you can have a trained and experienced pest management professional apply natural spider prevention. While there are products that control spiders and the food sources spiders eat, these are not the only tools available to a pest professional. We use glue boards, exclusions, and other natural products and methods. We can consult with you about what products will be used and find the right solution for you.

Spider prevention is a systematic process that has many parts. When done appropriately, spider sightings in your home will be a rare occurrence.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Away

If you live in Los Angeles County, HomeShield Pest Control can help you get the results you want. We offer many options for effective spider control and sustained spider exclusion. Reach out to us anytime. We're here to help you with all your pest concerns.